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About primula - Lab Report Example

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The report entails the structure and functions of the flower. The Primula vulgaris flower is a flower species within the family known as Primulaceae. The flower is native to both western and southern parts of…
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Lab Report about primula
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Download file to see previous pages The practical aimed at documenting the observations accurately and developing meaningful observational skills. To achieve the practical objectives, a dissecting microscope and a compound microscope were used to compare the pin and thrum parts of the flower in a morphological manner. Again, collection of measurements was done to evidence the dimorphism. In the practical, it was established that the two flower forms are significantly different in their morphological structures. Their differences are readily visible through the size and structure of their styles, anthers, petals, and other aspects as seen in this lab report.
Primula vulgaris is one of the largest and commonest genera of the Primulaceae and is mainly centred in temperate regions especially the mountainous areas within the northern hemisphere. The pollination of the flower is usually aided by human activities that promote insect pollination. In this case, insect pollinators visiting the flowers to look for nectar help in the pollination process. The species flowers are known by dustily that is mainly characterized through the development of pin flowers that are long and styled. These flowers also have anthers that head midway down flower’s corolla tube as well as some short-styled thrum flowers that have anthers positioned at the corolla-tube’s mouth (Webb & Lloyd, 1986). Typically, heterostyly is a common feature for the Primula genus whereby most of the species are distylous according to Richards (1993).
The pollen morphology of all species has been previously investigated, but there are no surveys related to the Primula vulgaris species have ever been found. This argument provides that only a close investigation of the Primula vulgaris would provide a better understanding of the reproductive biology of the species reproduction biology. With regard to this species, most of its flowering plants have been found to be hermaphrodite ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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