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The Current Evidence of Human Evolution - Essay Example

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Human beings are continually evolving to date and will still evolve in the future. The writer of the current essay "The Current Evidence of Human Evolution" intends to describe how the human race has adapted to the environmental changes throughout its history all the way from its origin…
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The Current Evidence of Human Evolution
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Extract of sample "The Current Evidence of Human Evolution"

Download file to see previous pages Unlike in the past, modern humans have created complex communal structures that are composed of many competing and cooperating groups, from individuals’ families to states.
Social communications between humans also have established wide diversity of traditions, values, ethics, laws and social norms which all form human society’s basis modern humans have shown a bigger appreciation for aesthetics and beauty which when joint with the wish for self-expression, it has led to modernizations like music, literature, and art. Modern humans are largely distinguished for their numerous desires to comprehend and influence the earth in search of answers to of explaining and manipulating normal phenomena through religion, science, mythology, and philosophy (Cremo, 2010, p.49). This curiosity is what has enhanced the development of skills and advanced tools; modern humans are the only species that are currently known to clothe themselves, cook their food, build fires, and develop and enhance other numerous technologies (O’higgin &Cohn, 2000, p.89). This is unlike in the past where species dint use to light fires, eat healthy and nutritious food clothe themselves or know how to use any modern tools which shows that human beings have evolved over many years and are still evolving. Modern humans also pass their knowledge and skills to future generations through continuous education.
Modern humans are genetically different from an early human because of the increased rate of evolution which is as a result of increasing growth of human population and their movements into new environments like cities, where most are taken as major subject to emerging natural collection pressures (Cunnanes & Stewart, 2010, p83). Evolution of human is characterized by various essential morphological, behavioral, physiological and developmental changes that have occurred since the split between chimpanzees and the last human being’s ancestor.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Current Evidence of Human Evolution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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