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The first name is usually the genus name and the second name is usually the specific name. Species are classified into levels based on the hierarchical system beginning with domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family genus and species…
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Systematics and Reconstructing Phylogeny
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4 April Systematics and Reconstructing Phylogeny Systematics is the scientific study of how organisms are diverse along with their evolutionary relationships and origin. After scientific studying of organisms is done, taxonomy is used to classify, name and describe organisms. Classification is the gouping of the organisms by their similarities. The reason why it is done is to reveal their historical relationships, to avail universally recognized names of the organisms by using one language which ensures consistency. Binomial nomenclature is a two name naming system used to scientifically name organisms. The first name is usually the genus name and the second name is usually the specific name. Species are classified into levels based on the hierarchical system beginning with domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family genus and species (Boaz, 1 – 7).
Evolutionary phylogeny is the evolutionary history of a group of organisms derived from a common ancestor. There are three groups; monophyletic taxon which has a common ancestor and all of its descendants, paraphyletic taxon which has a common ancestor but not all of its descendants and polyphyletic taxon which has a group of species with different common ancestors. It misrepresents evolutionary relationships. Clades are true evolutionary relationships depicted by monophyletic groups. Parsimony is used to assess alternate phylogenetic hypotheses. Systematics has a future in molecular systematic which determines evolutionary relationships by comparison of macromolecules like ribosomal RNAs and mitochondrial RNA, powerful analysis computers and DNA barcoding. For macromolecules, molecular clocks are used to estimate time of divergence through differences in proteins. DNA barcoding is efficient in varied geographical settings, and in varied taxonomic groups. It has a 99.99% resolution (Boaz, 7 – 25).
In attending this lecture, I realized that my personal ability to follow and take notes had improved and I could take notes faster and comprehensively with my concentration levels been consistent for much of the lecture. I chose to attend this lecture as it is related to my field of study which is microbiology and I have an interest in learning more about the nature of the courses I shall undertake in my graduate program. The concepts taught in this lecture are related to my field of study through their assessments of organism classification. I already knew of the binomial system of naming organisms before attending the lecture. However, I obtained new information like systematic, evolutionary phylogeny, clades and DNA barcoding. This assignment was very important to my academic goals in that it created in me a sense of expectancy, expectancy to learn and comprehend new concepts which shall make it easier for me to comprehend them in future classes.
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Boaz Lecture Notes Set Number 6. Systematics and Reconstructing Phylogeny. Biology 103. Read More
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Systematics and Reconstructing Phylogeny Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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