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Genomics and Proteomics are the terms mostly used when we are discussing genomes and protein transcription in organisms. It involves the deep analysis of the genes and the loci where they are found as a fundamental base in genetics and molecular biology. …
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Genomics Overview (Kindly follow the instructions)
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Genomics: Lecture Overview Genomics and Proteomics are the terms mostly used when we are discussing genomes and protein transcription in organisms. It involves the deep analysis of the genes and the loci where they are found as a fundamental base in genetics and molecular biology. The analysis is important and has been widely applied in the medical field especially with the human genome project that successfully made it possible to understand the whole human genome. Genomics were initiated by Fred Sanger and in his studies he sequenced the genome of viruses. In relation to genomics is the term materiomics which involves the understanding of the material properties of biological materials.
In this lecture genomics is studied to understand the initial acquisition of genes, functions and location of genes, their functions in protein formation and how to understand the whole organism’s genome to understand its genetic constitution. In understanding the gene, we understand its sequence and coding regions, transcription process, stability of its transcription process to avoid mutations, post translational processes, the gene’s 3D structure, the functions of different enzymes in transcription and gene functioning, cellular location, the gene’s biochemical pathways, its physical interactions and genetic interactions that enhance its performance in the process of protein formation.
My understanding of the gene and its functioning is core in understanding the relationship between the genotype which involves the gene structure, location and its interaction with other cell components to be expressed in phenotype which are the characteristics that we see from the organism. Xuhua Xia argues that genes are the hereditary factors and in genomics they are studied deeply to know their structure and what prompts them to behave in the way they do. They have the capacity to store genetic information which is passed from one generation to the other through reproduction and in growth. To understand all these, the knowledge in genomics has been very important as it is impossible to know the gene functions without studying it in details first.
Xia, Xuhua. Comparative Genomics and Comparative Methods. Ontario:Springer Berlin Heidelberg,2013. Print. Read More
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