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How does Deforestation effect Malaria - Essay Example

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It is a viral disease caused by parasites carried by mosquitoes. Although scientists and physicians have tried controlling the spread of malaria through medical…
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How does Deforestation effect Malaria
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Download file to see previous pages These areas have a wide history of malaria infection due to the harsh climatic conditions and environmental degradation. According to Guerra et al., (2006), the estimated number of the population at risk of malaria in increasing and currently exceeding 3000 million people. There are more than 500million cases of malaria infection all over the world. According to health experts, various environmental, climatic and topographical conditions greatly influence the transmission and spread of malaria in various areas, in the world. Deforestation is one of the environmental factors that greatly influence and facilitate the widespread of mosquito breeding and malaria transmission. There are many publications that support this hypothesis.
According to global geography, many forests are found within the tropic especially within the equator. They are dense and forested compared to forests in other areas. These areas have cool and wet climate that supports mosquito breeding and transmission of malaria. The forest cover is gradually decreasing day by day due to deforestation in various parts of the world. The malaria causing parasites that are common in deforested areas include A. philippinensis, Plasmodium falciparum, A. minimus, A. culicifacies, and A. nivipes. These parasites are harmful and malaria causing. The parasite is common in forested areas such as Amazon, Kenyan highlands, India Central Africa, Western Pacific and South-East Asia. These forested areas are always subjected to severe deforestation in various periods. For instance, the population of people at risk of malaria is 11.7 million in Amazon, 70.1 million people in South-East Asia, 35.1 million people in Western Pacific and 18.7 million people in Central Africa (Guerra, Snow & Hay, 2006).
According to the study done Assam on the influence of deforestation in malaria, deforestation influences the rate at which mosquito parasites develop and spread malaria. Findings revealed that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Does Deforestation Effect Malaria Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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