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Amongst the most appealing features just at the beginning of the chapter is the biology behind multiple births. The biology behind multiple births has been a topic of so many speculations. My…
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Reproductive System Chapter 27 of Biology concepts and connection educates about the reproductive system. Amongst the most appealing features just at the beginning of the chapter is the biology behind multiple births. The biology behind multiple births has been a topic of so many speculations. My interest about the theories and analogy about the multiple births led to a search to the New York Times health article section. My findings indicate so many stories about multiple births. According to an article published recently by the newspaper, the continued rise of multiple births is due to increased use of fertility drugs. According to the report by National Center for health Statistics and the newspaper, data indicates a 76% increase in the rate of twin births in the US (BAKALAR).
The article educates about the dangers of using fertility drugs. The fertility drugs interrupts with the cycles and induces hormones in the bodies of females. The drugs also enhance sexual activities leading to more sexual contacts and eventual fertilization. The most important poit to learn from the article is that the fertility drugs interfere with women cycles hence may increase the rate of fertilization.
The article is valid scientifically and can be supported by various points. One is the fundamental reason that hormones, which can be induced or suppressed by drugs, control the process of pregnancy. This knowledge has led to increased use of drugs to enhance the process of pregnancy. The drugs have several effects amongst them being the multiple births.
Works Cited
BAKALAR, NICHOLAS. Twin Births in the U.S., Like Never Before. 23 January 2012. 2013 .
The art
Vital Statistics
Twin Births in the U.S., Like Never Before
Published: January 23, 2012
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More twins are being born in the United States than ever before.
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From 1980 to 2009, according to a recent report by the National Center for Health Statistics, the rate of twin births rose 76 percent. Now about one in 30 babies born in the United States is a twin.
Two-thirds of the increase is probably explained by the growing use of fertility drugs and assisted reproductive technology. The remainder is mainly attributable to a rise in the average age at which women give birth.
Older women are more likely to produce more than one egg in a cycle, and 35 percent of births in 2009 were to women over age 30, up from 20 percent in 1980. This age-induced increase applies only to fraternal twins, though; the rate of identical twin births does not change with the age of the mother.
From 1980 through 2004, increases in twin birth rates averaged more than 2 percent a year, but from 2004 to 2009, the increase slowed to 1 percent annually. Joyce A. Martin, the lead author of the report, suggested that better techniques in fertility enhancement procedures may have made multiple births less likely.
Twin births have historically been more common among non-Hispanic black women, but rates among white women have risen faster. In 2009, twin birth rates were similar in the two groups: 38 per 1,000 births for black women and 37 for white women. Hispanic women had twins at a rate of 22.5 per 1,000 births.
In 2009, American women had 137,217 babies born as twins, 5,905 as triplets, 355 as quadruplets, and 80 in births of five or more.
Ms. Martin, an epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said multiple births can be problematic. “Babies in twin deliveries tend to be born earlier,” she said. “They’re more likely to need hospitalization and more likely not to survive their first year.”
But she added, “It is important to note that although twins are at higher risk, most twins do fine in the long term.”
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