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This is a Latin term which means wolf and it was used to describe facial lesions that resembled a wolfs bites and scratches. The history of lupus can be categorized in three different stages: the classical era. This was the stage where the disease was discovered…
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A presentation
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A Speech on the History of Lupus What is lupus? This is a Latin term which means wolf and it was used to describe facial lesions that resembled a wolfs bites and scratches. The history of lupus can be categorized in three different stages: the classical era. This was the stage where the disease was discovered and thus the coinage of the term ‘lupus’. The subsequent stage that followed was the neo-classical era which was mostly concerned with the general symptoms of Lupus, and lastly the contemporary era which was marked a shift in the medical research in this area when in 1948 the LE Cell was discovered.
Moriz Kaposi proponed there were two types of lupus erythematosus: the disseminated form and the discoid form. In 1904, Osler in Baltimore and Jadassohn in Vienna firmly established the existence of a disseminated form of lupus.
Other than the discovery of the LE Cell, there were two other immunologic markers realized to be associated with lupus: the biologic false-positive test for syphilis12 and the immune-fluorescent test for antinuclear antibodies.
Medical reports have revealed the extent to which lupus erythematous has spread within the population. The ration as it stands is between 20 to 150 cases in every 100,000 people. If we zero in on the United States, the pervasiveness of the disease is estimated at around 53 cases in every 100,000. While working in Baltimore, Moore carried out a study which drew the conclusion that systemic lupus developed in 7 percent of the 148 subjects who suffered from chronic false-positive tests for syphilis and also, a further 30 percent of the same number had symptoms consistent with collagen disease. Medical reports have revealed that prevalence of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) in the population is 20 to 150 cases per 100,000. Read More
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