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Naturally, one can merely take a brief glimpse back over the past several hundred years of human history to gain but a small…
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Ecosystem Destruction
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Section/# Ecosystem Destruction and Responsibility Due to the fact that humanity has evolved to allow the use of tools, the eventual end of such a progressionary step is a level of industrialization. Naturally, one can merely take a brief glimpse back over the past several hundred years of human history to gain but a small portrait of the ways in which this industrialization has placed an increasing burden on the land and natural resources that make up planet earth. This level of industrialization and development is of course compounded by the fact that humanity itself has no natural occurring predators and finds itself at the top of the food chain. Moreover, as the human population of the earth continues to grow exponentially, the rate at which humanity depletes the earth of its natural resources and dirties the environment tracks along with population growth (The Blue River Declaration 2012).
Although the reasons for ecosystem damage and environmental depletion are well known, the ultimate solution for these issues is far more elusive. Firstly, in order to alleviate the strain on the environment, a level of rational and intelligent use of the earth’s resources must be instituted. This of course will not stop the level of depletion of the earth’s resources, but will slow it to a degree to which sustainable development, in conjunction with technological breakthroughs, may be enough to provide a level of stasis through which world population may be able to seek to satisfy their needs without proving a detriment to the earth or its valuable and finite resources.
The Blue River Declaration: An Ethic of the Earth. (2012). Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature & Culture, 6(2), 146-150. doi:10.1558/jsrnc.v6i2.146 Read More
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