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V., Berkovich, Y. A., Erokhin, A. N., Zhigalova, T. V., Pogosyan, S. I., & Smolyanina, S. O. (2009). Growth and photosynthesis of Chinese cabbage plants grown under light-emitting diode-based light source. Russian Journal Of Plant Physiology, 56(1), 14-21…
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Journal Article Summaries
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Section/# Analysis of 2 Articles Dealing with Cell Growth and Light Avercheva, O. V., Berkovich, Y. A., Erokhin, A.N., Zhigalova, T. V., Pogosyan, S. I., & Smolyanina, S. O. (2009). Growth and photosynthesis of Chinese cabbage plants grown under light-emitting diode-based light source. Russian Journal Of Plant Physiology, 56(1), 14-21. doi:10.1134/S1021443709010038
In this particular article, the authors compare a multitude of factors with relation to how cell growth develops within cabbage specimens. Although the existence and prevalence of sugars, proteins, photosynthetic pigments and chlorophyll fluorescence were measured, this was done with the overall intent to draw a level of inference on the ultimate research question of the degree to which UV light affected primary cell growth within the specimens. As such, the study itself was conducted over a period of one month with varying levels and strengths of light being administered to the samples.
The research helped to prove that the light fluctuation and temperature variation both played a prominent role in actuating the growth mechanisms that the cells exhibited. Moreover, the photosynthetic process itself was proven to be fundamentally shaped and directed by the availability and strength of the different wavelengths of light that were affected on it. An interesting facet of the approach was the fact that the researchers employed not only differing wavelengths of synthetic light onto the test group but also the fact that LED light was incorporated. Further, the research was able to prove that there was no verifiably noticeable differential between the rates of growth that were observed.
Miller, J. H., & Stephani, M. C. (1971). Effects of Colchicine and Light on Cell Form in Fern Gametophytes. Implications for a Mechanism of Light-induced Cell Elongation. Physiologia Plantarum, 24(2), 264-271. doi:10.1111/1399-3054.ep13041273
As with the first study that has been listed, this particular study goes into a great deal of depth with reference to the presence and intensity of light and the patterns of cell development that are exhibited. With relation to this particular study, the researchers are keenly interested in the actual physiology that light and the photosynthetic process has on the unique ways in which the cell developes.
In order to draw inference on such a research question, the researchers separate multiple groups, as well as a control, and proceed to measure unique fluctuations in the rate and type of growth that is exhibited therein. Furthermore, the researchers found that when light were limited and/or a white spectrum of light was applied, the cells invariably grew into spherical shapes. Further, when a more full and complete spectrum of light was exhibited, more elongated cells were evidenced. Interestingly, the researchers found that variations in light intensity had little to no effect on the geospatial construction of the cells or the elongation that had been previously noted. As long as temperature and spectrum were involved, these were the main determinants in dictating the manner and size of the developing cells.
Lastly, the research considered the light spectrums as a function of rate of growth. The researchers found that it was clearly noted that the spectrum of the light that was exhibited upon the test groups had little to no effect on the rate of growth; rather, it only managed to have a direct effect on the geospatial patterns that the cells took during the growth process. Read More
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