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The author of the following paper under the title 'How Plants Work' touches upon the life, structural design, adaptability and resourcefulness of plants, and their similarity to humans in that plants develop strategies for survival, growth, and maturity…
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How Plants Work
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The canopy walk gives a clear view of epiphytes, such as colorful and exotic orchids and bromeliads, which grow high on supporting trees to obtain light for photosynthesis, and to collect essential moisture from the upper atmosphere. Photosynthesis provides the epiphytes with energy, and moisture is stored in their stems.
Photosynthesis and moisture are also necessary for the survival and growth of cacti and other succulents, grasses, shrubs, and other arid-land plants. The exhibit included a collection of a wide variety of succulents with vivid flowers to attract insects for pollination purposes and thick stems in a range of shapes. Cacti are without leaves; the stems rapidly absorb moisture and nutrients and store them for survival during drought periods.
Overall, the exhibit demonstrated that plants and humans require water, nutrients, and cooperation and support from others in order to survive, grow, mature and propagate. Plants such as epiphytes find support on trees which are an entirely different species, and human beings from different countries and different walks of life can find ways to provide mutual benefit to each other as it is required. Where necessary, plants and humans are frequently able to adapt to changes in their environment. Read More
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