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5 second rule experiment second week is an experiment carried out to determine the extent of reproduction and consequent level of threat bacteria cause on nutrients agar and blood agar. This experiment aims at testing the hypothesis
Nutrient agar right half, nutrient agar left…
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5Sec Rule Exp Report
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Section: Bio 100 5 Second Rule Experiment Second Week Introduction 5 second rule experiment second week is an experiment carried out to determine the extent of reproduction and consequent level of threat bacteria cause on nutrients agar and blood agar. This experiment aims at testing the hypothesis
Materials and methods
Nutrient agar right half, nutrient agar left half, blood agar right half, bologna, gummy bear, blood agar left half, nutrients agar control and blood agar control were used in this experiment. The experiment was done in five seconds intervals and them measurements were done on the samples to ascertain the level of bacteria in them, type of colony formed and how fatal are the threats they pose.
Nutrients agar right half
Bear gummy
70% of slide is covered
Lobate circular punctiform
Raised and rough
Nutrients agar left half
70% of slide is covered
Irregular lobate punctiform
Raised and rough
Blood agar right half
Gummy bear
90% of slide is covered
raised circular irregular
Beta hemolytic 60% see through
Blood agar left half
95% of slide is covered
Raised lobate circular
Beta hemolytic 45% see through
Nutrients agar control
Gummy bear 0
Bologna 2
Gummy bear N/A
Bologna circular
Blood agar control
Gummy 0
Bologna 3
Gummy N/A
Bologna circular punctiform
Gamma hemolytic
In nutrients agar bacteria multiply and cover 70% of the slide forming lobate circular punctiform with a raised and rough pattern. In blood agar along gummy bear they multiply and fill 90% of the slide forming a raised circular irregular colony with a complete hemolytic 60% see through unlike in blood agar along bologna where they fill 95% of the slide forming a raised lobate circular colony with a complete hemolytic 45% see .A control experiment is used for standardization . In conclusion bacteria reproduce well in blood agar and produce more toxic substances than in nutrients agar within a given time.
Zeller, Nancy. Great Experiments in Biology. 2012. University Readers, Inc. Read More
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5Sec Rule Exp Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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