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Wooly nightshade - Essay Example

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In addition, it will reveal features of the pest plant, its effects, and identify areas prone to its infestation, and information about the lace bug, which is the biological control measure. It…
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Wooly nightshade
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Download file to see previous pages This report looks at the woolly nightshade, its characteristics and its prevalence in New Zealand, as well as ways of controlling it through the introduction of lace bugs. Furthermore, the lace bug is described and the characteristics, which make it the best option for biologically controlling and eventually eradicating the woolly nightshade, are discussed. Moreover, the application process to have lace bugs imported and released into the New Zealand ecosystem are described in some detail as well as the decision to have them imported and released. Finally, the consequences of the release of these bugs into the environment are discussed and their impact on the eradication of the woolly nightshade is analysed.
Pests are not only tiny animals such as insects but also plants that grow naturally wherever the conditions are favourable, and that harm or hinder the growth of other plants in the surrounding environment. Woolly nightshade, or Solanum mauritianum, is an example of a pest plant; it is also known as the kerosene plant, tobacco weed, or the flannel weed. It originated from Brazil and Uruguay, and was brought to New Zealand as a garden plant in 1883 after which it was soon noted growing wild near Auckland. It has various distinctive features that set it apart from other plants, as it has five purple petal flowers that grow at the end of the branches, large oval-shaped leaves that are grey and green in colour. In addition, it produces a strong kerosene smell whenever the leaves are crushed and has the ability to flower throughout the year, producing berries during late spring and summer – they are first green and then turn to yellow when ripe (Ramel, 2012). Because of its fast growth, the woolly nightshade usually tends to grow taller than most plants in its surroundings (up to 30 metres tall) to become the dominant plant, so it can cover a very vast region within a relatively short period. This pest plant is common in northern New Zealand in the regions of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Wooly Nightshade Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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