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Muscles & Skeletal System - Essay Example

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The paper "Muscles & Skeletal System" highlights that signaling involves the nerve impulses travelling between the brains. Neurons consist of a cell body and appendages that transmit impulses. They act as conduits for signals throughout the nervous system. …
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Muscles & Skeletal System
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Bones and muscles produce efficient coordination, which allows the body to function. Our body gives us conscious and involuntary control over various organs and activities. The system analyzes our environment and processes information, which reaches us in the form of sensory input (n.d, 2012). The nerves prompt the body’s effectors (muscles that release a specific set of substance depending on the stimulus), to action.
The skeletal system supports movements and provides protection for its delicate internal organs. It cannot move without the help of contractible muscles. Muscles connect to the bones through tendons and these connect with other bones through ligaments at the joint. Slight muscle contraction can produce a wide movement (Gregory & Stewart, 2004). Skeletal muscles also maintain and produce body heat by squeezing the veins to help blood flow to the heart.
Nerve impulses are brief changes in the membrane, growing from the movement of ions across the plasma membrane. These potentials are achieved when the sodium-potassium pump in nerve tissues and the calcium pump in muscle tissues (n.d, 2012).
Humans belong to the biological order Primates, which includes prosimians (before apes), tarsioids, and anthropoids. The fossil evidence available proves the evolution of these beings from an insect-eating mammal familiar to the modern-day tree shrew (n.d, 2012). Particularly, prosimians are small tree inhabitants and tarsioids are small primates with features those of the prosimians and the anthropoids. Read More
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(Muscles & Skeletal System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Muscles & Skeletal System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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