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 This essay discusses information letter from the Boric Acid Malaria Prevention Foundation. The essay considers research using Boric Acid in a specific formula is more effective in eradicating the Anopheles Mosquito. It analyses trendsetting research in the field of Malaria prevention…
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Information Letter from the Boric Acid Malaria Prevention Foundation
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Extract of sample "Information Letter from the Boric Acid Malaria Prevention Foundation"

Information Letter from the Boric Acid Malaria Prevention Foundation

It is with great pride that I come to you on behalf of the Boric Acid Malaria Prevention Foundation. We are a relatively young organization that has been in existence for only the past 5 years but, we believe that our trendsetting research in the field of Malaria prevention will qualify us for one of your much sought after Malaria Prevention fund grants.

Our scientists have recently discovered that unlike the Attractive Toxic Sugar Bait (ATSB) prevention measures being touted by the scientific community, using Boric Acid in a specific formula is more effective in eradicating the Anopheles Mosquito. While ATSB is limited by the method and area by which the poison can be spread, the Boric Acid bait is much more promising because of the easy availability of Boric Acid and the simplicity by which the bait can be created.

I have attached a more comprehensive chart detailing the results of our current scientific studies for your consideration. However, I have taken the liberty of pointing out the most important results of our experiments below:

Boric Acid is readily available in the commercial markets and is therefore easy to obtain for immediate use as an insecticide
Boric Acid is non-toxic to humans but, acts as a stomach poison and cuticle abrasive to insects thus making Boric Acid the safest insecticide of its kind.
Mosquitoes have not shown a resistant strain to Boric Acid when compared to its ATSB counterparts
Scientific studies have shown that Boric Acid is capable of killing insects and other bacteria in various ways, causing the scientific community to believe that there may never be a way that these components can develop a resistance to it.

Our scientific experiments are all being done within a controlled environment and shows promise as a highly effective mosquito eradicating poison in the future. Please feel free to contact me should you consider our research worthy of consideration for your grant. The representatives of our foundation and myself will be more than happy to accommodate a meeting with you at your earliest convenience.

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