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Malaria - Essay Example

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This parasite effectively incorporates itself in the female anopheles mosquito. Which acts as a vector until it transmits the plasmodium in the human or animal blood…
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Extract of sample "Malaria"

Download file to see previous pages ase for the given assignment because the disease has prominent symptoms and the causative agent is a prominent member in the field of microbiology and pathology.
After completing a few stages of its life cycle in the mosquito it enter the human body and completes the remaining stages within the liver and on the surface of red blood cells as early, mid-stage and mature metazoans. The onset is indicated by sudden convulsions of cold, flu, loose motions, high grade fever, shivering and pain in eyes.
Various steps have been taken by important health regulatory departments for the control of Malaria and to stop its proliferation. It not only requires a thorough attempt on behalf of the government but also general awareness on behalf of the masses. Presently a report according to UNICEF indicates a decrease in the mortality rate by 47%
For general awareness, different schemes, seminars and platforms are organized for conveying the message of care and precautions. Such schemes are mostly either cheap or free of cost altogether to make possible easy access for people belonging to all walks of life.
“About 3.2 billion people – almost half of the worlds population – are at risk of malaria. In 2013, there were about 198 million malaria cases (with an uncertainty range of 124 million to 283 million) and an estimated 584 000 malaria deaths (with an uncertainty range of 367 000 to 755 000). Increased prevention and control measures have led to a reduction in malaria mortality rates by 47% globally since 2000 and by 54% in the WHO African Region. (WHO 2014)
Population of third world countries and those even poorer are more susceptible to this disease. A survey conducted in 2013 indicated that approximately 90% of malaria inflicted deaths occurred in African/ Somalian regions and the worst part is that a vast proportion of these deaths mostly take away the lives of children below 6 years.
A potent and 100% efficient vaccine for malaria is currently under production ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Malaria Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words - 1.
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... a conclusion Literature review Cause of malaria Malaria is caused by eukaryotic protists belonging to the genus Plasmodium, phylum Amicomplexa that is transmitted by the female anopheles mosquito, which are its vectors, when they bite human beings. Once bitten, the parasites multiply within the body specifically in the red blood cells and liver and gestate for two weeks. Five types of Plasmodium cause malaria: Plasmodium vivax, Plasmodium falciparum, Plasmodium ovale, Plasmodium knowlesli and Plasmodium malariae . P. vivax is the most common type while P. falciparum is the most virulent and accounts for 90 percent of malaria deaths. Within the malaria causing parasites are found organelles called apicoplasts that are important...
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.... There are several vital factors that support the development of the malaria parasite in the mosquito from the "gametocyte" to the "sporozoite stage” stage. Mosquito’s Life Cycle These factors are humidity and temperature, which are directly proportional to the parasites’ rate of growth into adult mosquito. The female anopheles mosquito undergoes the four life cycle stages of egg, larva, pupa, and adult with the first three stages lasting between 5 and 15 days, varying from one mosquito species to another. It is in its adult stage, which lasts between 1 week and 1 month that the female anopheles mosquito acts a malarial vector (Fairhurst & Wellems, 2009). It lays between 50 and 200 eggs on water surfaces, which hatch...
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.... The paper also aims at exploring the efficacy of drugs for the treatment of various forms of malaria and the challenges ahead due to drug resistance developed by malarial parasites. Microbes Responsible for Malaria As such many microbes are responsible causing malaria; however, the important ones are plasmodium vivax and plasmodium falciparum causing malaria in most part of the world (World Malaria Report). Symptoms of Malaria Usual symptoms of malaria are shivering, fever, vomiting and headache and likely to appear only after a week or two after the mosquito bite. In case of cerebral malaria, clinical...
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...OF MALARIA Malaria is a disease caused by the one of the four protozoan species of the genus Plasmodium. The four species are Plasmodium falciparum, P.ovale, P. malariae and P. vivax. It is a fatal disease that is caused by the parasite which infects the mosquito first. The mosquito then bites the human and transmits the parasites in the human blood which account for the onset of the symptoms (, 2010). The lifecycle of this protozoan parasite is divided into two stages, one in mosquito and one in human. The cycle starts when the mosquito bites an infected person. The immature shizonticides (protozoal cells) undergo degradation in the gut of mosquito while the gametocytes move...
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..., provide statistics related to malaria, give information on prevention and treatment of malaria, and discuss programs related to preventing malaria. Background on Malaria It is important to start by pointing out that malaria is curable and preventable, and that the malaria burden is reducing dramatically in many places due to increased control and prevention measures. It is caused by Plasmodium parasites which are spread to humans through infected Anopheles mosquitos’ bites, also known as malaria vectors (Isle, 2001). It should be noted that the intensity of transmission largely depends on factors related to the environment, the human host, the vector and the parasite. Transmission of malaria depends on climatic conditions which may affect...
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... the term was coined it was believed that malaria was caused by breathing in bad air. Louis Pasteur was the first to discover that several diseases were caused by microbial germs. This discovery helped researchers gain insight into diseases such as malaria. In fact it was Pasteur idea of microbial-caused infection that helped Laveran conduct his research on malaria parasites (The Cambridge Historical Dictionary of Disease). One of the pioneering malaria related research is Robert Koch. In 1883, Koch visited India and witnessed the plight of the people inflicted with malaria. He was hooked and upon his return to Italy he conducted several experiments to try and prove that malaria was caused by mosquito bite. Later, Italian researchers Grassi...
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... in my own health care but also be accessing new treatments and be of great help to others who are in a desperate need of malaria medication as a I contribute to this medical research. In actual fact, Malaria is still the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in many parts of the world and more especially in sub-Saharan Africa. Therefore, it is an indication that the tools available for malaria control are neither adequate nor good enough for the prevention. Therefore, participating in malaria clinical trial will help in finding a permanent solution for this disease as together with other researchers we try to find curative and preventive drugs and vaccines for malaria. Additionally, by getting involved in malaria clinical trial I...
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... fevers. While nearly all individuals will experience these symptoms, as the diseases progresses those infected by it will increasingly demonstrate vomiting, anemia, and hemoglobinuria (Webb 2009). The most severe symptoms demonstrate convulsions and even retinal damage. The first instances of malaria symptoms are 24-36 hours shifts between hot and old fevers and symptoms. After a week the symptoms progress and severe malaria sets in. This stage is characterized by enlarge spleens, hepatomegaly, hypoglycemia, and in the most extreme circumstances coma. In terms of blood, the malaria symptoms affect the body as a mosquito consumes the human blood. The sporozites then enter the human body and infect the human liver (Shah 2010). They multiply...
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Malaria the disease? According to statistics given by the Centers for Illness and Prevention, 1925 cases of malaria were detected. This constituted approximately 70% of the population that was affected. The 70% cases were from people who had tours to outside U.S predominantly West Africa and others from India. In U.S, only five cases were reported, and this was approximately 0.25% of the population. Of the five cases reported, one was as a result of blood transfusion, another one from a lab accident, one from a traveler and the remaining two cases from born children whose mother had traveled. Have there been instances of any historic outbreak of the disease, was the condition managed and monitored in the community? Yes,...
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...following the understanding of Quinine by Jesuit Priests through their interaction with indigenous tribes of the New World. The cause of the disease remained unknown until 1880. That year Charles Louis Alphonse Laveran, a French army surgeon, became the first person to propose that the disease was caused by organisms he had observed in malaria-infected blood. Further discoveries over the course of the Century yielded that the disease were caused by Plasmodium species and was spread by mosquitoes. During that period, other antimalarial treatments were discovered. From the 1960s onwards, there were global eradication efforts conducted mainly through outdoor and indoor spraying of insecticides by DDT and other insecticides...
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