The concept of 'personalised medicine' is hard implement. Discuss this statement - Essay Example

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Personalised medicine refers to the process of making use of an individual’s genetic make up for the purposes of discovering, treating or preventing a disease. The concept could also be defined as using a set of comprehensive and detailed information about a person’s…
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The concept of personalised medicine is hard implement. Discuss this statement
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Download file to see previous pages It therefore helps to easily predict the kind of medical treatment that is safe or not for a particular patient.
As much as personalised medicine may be seen as an extension of the traditional systems of treatment, the two systems are different. However they are both geared towards understanding and successful treatment of a patient in question. Rang and Dale (2007) assert that the personalised medicine concept is heavily associated with state of the art tools and equipment. These particular tools are in tandem with the current level of technological advancement. The physicians operating under this type of system have the capability are known to choose treatment and therapy protocols that are specific to the patients genotype (Rang & Dale, 2007). It helps to lower opportunistic side effects in addition to ensuring a successful treatment process when the molecular profile of a patient is considered. This approach offers a chance to save on costs.
The traditional system is based on trial and error meaning that a number of treatment measures might be considered before the most effective one is found. This clearly means that healthcare costs will be incurred in the process. Furthermore, the traditional system is a rather general method of addressing the condition of a patient. Traditional healthcare methods mainly focus on signs and symptoms, laboratory results, imaging evaluation and medical and family history to treat a patient. This kind of treatment approach can be referred to as reactive. This is because treatment begins upon establishment of signs and symptoms of a disease.
Edgecoe (2004) reveals that the impact of personalised medicine has already been realized across the globe. Quite a number of diseases including breast cancer, HIV/AIDS and cardiovascular diseases are now being managed by the system.
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The Concept of 'personalised medicine' Is Hard Implement. Discuss This Essay - 1.
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