Critical Review of : Histone H3 lysine methylation is mediated by Set1 and H3's requirement for cell growth and rDNA silencing - Research Paper Example

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Generally this article revolves around genetics and genes, Genetics is the study of molecular composition and structure of genes in an organism and Genes refers to the study of transfer of heritable characteristics of organisms from one generation to another (Heidt, et al 12)…
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Critical Review of Research Paper: Histone H3 lysine methylation is mediated by Set1 and H3s requirement for cell growth and rDNA silencing
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Extract of sample "Critical Review of : Histone H3 lysine methylation is mediated by Set1 and H3's requirement for cell growth and rDNA silencing"

Lecturer Critical review of the research paper: “Histone H3 lysine methylationK is mediated by Set1 and H3’s requirement for cell growth and rDNA silencing”.
Generally this article revolves around genetics and genes, Genetics is the study of molecular composition and structure of genes in an organism and Genes refers to the study of transfer of heritable characteristics of organisms from one generation to another (Heidt, et al 12). Living organisms pass on their characteristics and features from offspring to offspring. The genetic component does not change in a big way. According to Gregor Mendel’s theory, an offspring only inherits the strong features of the parent. Cells in organism have identical DNA but different phenotypes and the memory of the genes to keep record of developmental and environmental changes forms the basis of epigenetics (Cheng 11). This review has a summary of the research paper: “Histone H3 lysine methylation K is mediated by Set1 and H3’s requirement for cell growth and rDNA silencing” and a brief conclusion that gives a perspective about the research paper.
Histone H3 has been ethylated by lysine and is a result of a transcriptional process. It has been proved to lead to “epigenetic memory”. Some multi-protein components that are present in H3 K4me have been found in a number of organisms. The research paper has worked to show that the existence of H3K 4 di and tri methylation depends on Set1 and RBBP-5. Completely different subsets of Set 1 seem to be a requirement for the H3 methylation present germ cells and lineages at different stages of development especially later in embryogenesis. H3K4me is controlled by a sub-set of Set1 complex the germ is important for transfer of genetic information and DNA between and across generations (Phokolok & Harbison 13). This characteristic of transmission of epigenetic property is implanted in maintained all through the life cycle of the germ. Earlier studies have revealed that H3K4 methylation can be regulated by HMT complex components. Rdna silencing saves dying genes and histone methylation assists in keeping them alive.
Even though H3 methylation has been given the function of gene activation control, it has a negative impact in gene activity. Therefore there has been a proposition that Histone H3 be used as memory where transcription has taken place. It is a fact that set1 components are in a big way responsible for H3 in embryos. To find out if components of Set 1 are required for H3 K4me control in embryos some animals that have mutations in homologous genes, WDRS homologs were first studied. H3 was first completely removed from wdrs nuclei embryos. The result was negative because the antibody against wdrs-5 did not recognize the WDRS. This indicates that Set1 has a very important function in the H3 Methylation. The transcription- dependent property of H3 is independent on Set1 (Allis 43).
The research has shown that set 1 component regulate H3methylation in later stages of the embryo. This research is important because it highlights the relationship between H3 and Set 1 and significance of histone h3 in carrying genetic information in different lineages and that its interference changes the properties of the organism or affects its fertility rate (Phokolok & Harbison 33). The focus has mainly been on the responsibility of erasure in epigenetic reprogramming. Epigenetic activities guide establishment of generational features and changes in the germ line influences the organism’s features and behavior even if minimal.
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