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Cochlear implants are a promising intervention for children who have hearing impairments. However, a fractious debate prevails c - Essay Example

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The Cochlear Implant Debate Cochlear implants have elicited a never-ending debate. The deaf have mixed feelings about the use of the implants. Some deaf people appreciate these implants as they allow better interaction with the mainstream society better and live a normal life…
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Cochlear implants are a promising intervention for children who have hearing impairments. However, a fractious debate prevails c
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"Cochlear implants are a promising intervention for children who have hearing impairments. However, a fractious debate prevails c"

Download file to see previous pages They believe that clinical trials have gray areas, which should be addressed before the implants are used on children. The varying viewpoints create a tug-of-war. Cochlear implants change the life of the deaf people in the mainstream society, but its gray areas in scientific research and clinical trials raise skepticism and arouse feelings the implants can destroy the deaf culture. The Cochlear Implant Debate Cochlear implants are the best solution for deafness in the current times. They are small electrical devices which in the inner ear. Cochlear implants stimulate the auditory nerves in the inner ear sending signals directly to the brain. According to James and colleagues (2005) and Papsin and Gordon (2007), cochlear implants can help children develop good language skills. They believe that implants at a young age stimulate the cochlear subsequently regaining its functions partially. In fact, cochlear implants preserve function of some ear cells. Gantz and colleagues point out ear preservation improves from 10% to 30% after cochlear implants. The deaf can live a normal life with cochlear implants. They can watch television, make calls and interact with other people freely. The self-esteem of the deaf improves remarkably allowing them to perform better in their school work and jobs. This has changed the lives of many people. Some who have made it to the university point out, they would not have made it that far without the implants (Blume, 2009). A study in an Australian school confirms children with cochlear implants improved in their school exams. They also interacted well with the other children improving their emotional and psychological wellbeing. Punch and Hyde (2011) also found out there was general acceptance of the children who got cochlear implants by other children. People who have experienced what it is to be deaf in a mainstream society appreciate Cochlear implants. Wilson and Dorman (2008) point out the deaf have major challenges communicating to other people. They use the sign language which few people understand the meaning creating large communication barriers. Although cochlear implants improve the lives of many people, some deaf people detest them. The major school of though here is cochlear implant surgery pose major health risks. According to them, the surgery is done around sensitive body organs. Balkany and Gantz confirm cochlear implant surgery is done around major nerves, including those responsible for facial movements. Doctors performing the surgery may tough the nerves inappropriately by accident compromising their function. The face of the person would be inclined towards the side the surgery was done. In addition, the remaining good cells in the ears could be damaged leading to worse deafness or diseases (U.S Food and Drug Administration, 2013). Researchers and surgeons agree cochlear implants surgery risks infectious diseases like pneumococcal meningitis. Risks are high if the patient is not immunized against the pneumococcal bacteria. Children are at higher risks of getting the condition compared to adults. Surgeons are cautioned to know the history of the patient well before starting the surgery. However, surgery cannot be delayed because a patient is not immunized against the pneumococcal bacteria (Medical and Healthcare Products regulatory Agency, 2013). It is worth noting cochlear implant beneficiaries have to live a cautious life. The implants are made of metals, which can set off alarm systems, metal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Cochlear Implants Are a Promising Intervention for Children Who Have Essay)
Cochlear Implants Are a Promising Intervention for Children Who Have Essay. https://studentshare.org/biology/1496860-cochlear-implants-are-a-promising-intervention-for.
“Cochlear Implants Are a Promising Intervention for Children Who Have Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/biology/1496860-cochlear-implants-are-a-promising-intervention-for.
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