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Effect of cold stress on photosynthesis in barley - Essay Example

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Name: Institution: Tutor: Course: Date: Effect of cold stress on photosynthesis in barley PART 1 Definition In every day activities, plants and other organisms undergo various processes for the sustenance of their being. Some of these processes are simple, while others are quite complex…
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Effect of cold stress on photosynthesis in barley
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"Effect of cold stress on photosynthesis in barley"

Download file to see previous pages Consequently, it may be referred to as the process by which light energy is converted into chemical energy and stored in sugar bonds in green plants. Basic photosynthetic knowledge notes that green plants breath in carbon dioxide during the day and combines the said molecules to those of water molecules especially hydrogen in the synthesis of nutrients. Consequently, in green plants, photosynthesis involves the use of the chlorophyll green pigment that is found in the leaves or stems of such plants. As resultant by-product for the photosynthesis process is usually oxygen. In this context, plants are usually termed as essential purifiers of air. However, since photosynthesis is a process that takes place in the presence of sunlight, it does not occur during the night (Eaton-Rye, Baishnab & Thomas 66). As such, plants take in oxygen during the night and release carbon dioxide. As a topic, the study of photosynthesis is particularly of interest to farmers and scientists. Factors that may affect the rate of photosynthesis Basically, there are three main factors that are known to have an effect on the rate of photosynthesis. They include: i. Light intensity ii. Carbon dioxide iii. Temperature In this discussion, I will illustrate how each affects the rate of photosynthesis. i. ...
From this graph, it is evident that there is a significant increase in rate of photosynthesis between point A and B. however, after point B, the rate begins to decline and later becomes constant up to point C. Within these two points (B and C), there is no effect on photosynthesis rate even with an increase in the intensity of light. Consequently, too much light intensity may damage the chloroplast of leaves: hence, the strategic arrangement of leaves in a plant without any overlaps (Kalman 25). ii. Carbon dioxide: The rate of photosynthesis linearly increases with an increase in the concentration amount of carbon dioxide available to a plant. Scientifically, the earth is composed of a varying carbon dioxide amount of between 0.03% and 0.04%. Therefore, a high concentration of it will lead to higher photosynthetic rates. However, this increase is up to a particular point, from which it begins to decline and ultimately becomes constant. This is as shown in the graph below. In this graph, points A to B indicate an increase in rate of photosynthesis, while points B to C indicate the decline and constant level of the same. iii. Temperature: With this factor, the higher the rate of temperature the greater will be the photosynthesis rate. Since photosynthesis is a chemical process, its rate will increase with higher temperatures as most of the other chemical process. However, the increase in temperatures beyond 400C, will lead to the rate of photosynthesis beginning to decline or slow down. The reason for this is that enzymes responsible for photosynthetic chemical process are sensitive to temperatures hence, destroyed at high/extreme temperatures levels. Consequently, it should be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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It also helps in learning how quantitative measurements of photosynthetic electron transport can be made through the Hill reaction. It is aimed at demonstrating the Hill reaction of photosynthesis and the reaction conditions that affect it. At the end of the practical, the learner should produce a report that can be used by other scientists to understand the light dependent reaction in photosynthesis and the electron transfer to high energy molecules like ATP and NADP+ and how they are substituted by DCPIP (Dichlorophenol Indophenol) in the Hill reaction to demonstrate the same.
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