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Food Name Institutional Affiliation Food Eating Local How could you implement a local diet into your lifestyle? One could implement a local diet into one’s lifestyle by acknowledging first, that there are major benefits from consuming a local diet. The advantages of implementing a local diet could actually be categorized according to the gain that would be generated for one personally; to the community; and to the environment (Shea, 2008)…
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Download file to see previous pages Starting simple could mean inviting neighbors and friends to a simple dinner or meal using local products; or it could also mean assigning days within a week to focus on consuming local produce. Trying to connect with local farmers would necessitate going around the locality and finding out what products are being sourced from farms and which could be availed easily. Likewise, one could even try to grow simple vegetables in one’s backyard; which was also noted to be, not only healthy; but also therapeutic. And finally, the effort of implementing a local diet in one’s lifestyle should not be made in stressful environment. One must simply enjoy discovering local farms and products and be able to savor the local produce which could be incorporated in one’s daily meal. Are there farmers' markets in your area? There is actually a Farmers Market in one’s area in New Jersey; which is specifically located in South Jersey, just 20 minutes away from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. All vegetables are therefore bought from the Farmers Market. Where is the nearest community supported agriculture farm (CSA)? The state of New Jersey has a lot of community supported agriculture (CSA) farm located in the following counties: Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, Salem, Sussex, and Warren (State of New Jersey: Department of Agriculture, 2013). The names, contact information, and addresses are found in the State of New Jersey’s Department of Agriculture official website. How could you encourage others to eat local? Other people could be encouraged to eat local by promoting the various benefits that could be gained from this move. From among the noted benefits, the following are noteworthy: (1) greater opportunities to lose weight; (2) savoring new flavor sensations; (3) being able to heighten awareness through learning more about local products (Priebe, 2011); (4) fresher and healthier foods; (5) learn more about food from the people who grew them; (6) contributes to lesser environmental impact through lessening of carbon footprint through travelling less, consumer lesser gas, lesser wear and tear of roads; and (7) supports the community through the revenues generated from local purchases (Shea, 2008). Global Food Crisis After reading the article, "Global Food Crisis" from this unit's studies, do you feel the U.S. ethanol fuel program is adding to the world food crisis? One is convinced that the arguments exposed by Gawain Kripke, the Senior Policy Adviser for Oxfam America is more convincing regarding the effect of the ethanol fuel program on the global food crisis. Kripke’s detailed explanation that production of ethanol is apparently significantly contributory to driving food prices up due to the increased use of corn for the production of ethanol is more viable and believable (Kripke, 2008). As compared to the arguments presented by Rick Tolman, the CEO of the National Association of Corn Growers, Kripke assumed a more unbiased stance at looking at the issue. Tolman could have protected the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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