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Environment, Resources, and Competition Report - Essay Example

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Ecosystem Name Subject Tutor Date Ecosystem The major characteristic of rainforest is they see a lot of rain; 1750-2000 mm in one year on average. The other aspect of the rainforests is that it is filled with lush green trees and plants, so much that the earth gets very little sunlight due to the thickness of forests, also known as the ‘canopy layer’…
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Environment, Resources, and Competition Report
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Extract of sample "Environment, Resources, and Competition Report"

Download file to see previous pages The evolution of species, for instance of Golden Lion Tamarin, has been in such a way that their tails grow up to a certain length that gives them balance while moving through rainforest canopy (Hammond, 2010). Rain forests hold so much importance for life on earth that they are simply indispensable; they contribute almost 28% of the earth’s oxygen (Nishu, n.d.). They are warm and wet, and the majority of them are direct ‘beneficiaries’ of monsoon trough. They are spread across the tropic line, so a huge portion is in Africa and South America while the rest is in Asia. Some rainforests are called temperate forests, which are very few in comparison with the usual rainforests. Some examples of these forests are in North America, Ireland and Scotland. Of all biotic species, 40%-75% are indigenous to rainforests. Mammals, reptiles, birds and invertebrates are huge in their variations and almost innumerable in quantity (taking into account the insects). Chameleon, turtle and snakes are found in great numbers here because of the natural habitat that these forests provide. Rapid bacterial decay thwarts the buildup of humus. Due to the thickness of forests every tree that grows needs to growth taller and thicker than the others to reach the precious sunlight. Animals depend on the environment that rainforests provide. Birds and monkeys in particular that live on tall trees and provide useful nutrition and then the predators come to feed off other species, birds of prey would come to feed on other birds and rodents, while the muddy waters are heaven for reptiles like frogs, snakes, lizards and insects. What is really amazing is that high temperature (within limit and context) doesn’t necessarily mean absence of vegetation. For instance the deserts reach a maximum of 40 degree Celsius which is barren land, almost no vegetation while tropical rainforests are full of lush green leaves, however they too reach a temperature of above 30 degree Celsius. What I think the reason is that there is a huge temperature difference between its maximum and minimum average temperatures while tropical rainforests don’t have that chasm in temperature difference. Deserts like Savanna and extreme cold climates such as of Tundra, both have very little or no precipitation, and that shows in their vegetation. Temperate grasslands get an average precipitation of 25-75 cm and the vegetation there is quite normal for human survival. Tropical rainforests get the most amount of precipitation 200-400 cm, couple this with the small temperature chasm and there is a huge land mass on earth that gives life to earth, provides oxygen, vegetation, animals, herbs/medicine and provides strongholds of land masses that don’t simply wash away into rivers because the roots of trees holds together the land. From the data, it is obvious that the prey is independent and the predators depend on them. As the prey’s number rises, so does the predators’. In fact the line graph of the predators looks like shadowing the prey’s. High numbers of predators invites them to a feeding frenzy and that reduces the number of prey. When there isn’t much food available for the predators, they start to decrease in number too. There is a gradual delay in response of the predator’s to the increase or decrease of the prey’s; there is a consistent buildup of prey and then it shoots up as there aren’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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