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Professional solutions to the impact that the increasing concern of how alcohol consumption affects the rate of interpersonal vi - Research Paper Example

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Name of Tutor Professional Solutions to the Impact That the Increasing Concern Of How Alcohol Consumption Affects the Rate of Interpersonal Violence Has Had On Biologists in Finland Genes play a significant role in influencing alcohol consumption in individuals, in Finland…
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Professional solutions to the impact that the increasing concern of how alcohol consumption affects the rate of interpersonal vi
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Extract of sample "Professional solutions to the impact that the increasing concern of how alcohol consumption affects the rate of interpersonal vi"

Download file to see previous pages Excessive consumption of alcohol in most cases pose a health risk for many individuals and each year several deaths related to alcohol consumption are reported (Smith 145). Understanding genes causing alcoholism is vital in finding lasting solutions to the problem of alcoholism, and scientists in Finland have been concentrating in gene therapies to identify these genes related to alcoholism. Individuals addicted to alcohol consumption have numerous gene constitutions that interact with environmental factors to influence them into drinking and result into the drinking problem. Gene therapy has helped in understanding gene vulnerability which is significant in finding curative measures in helping those individuals who are heavy consumers of alcohol. In addition, scientists have discovered and are still discovering various drugs that have the ability to suppress the alcohol genes in individuals. An example is that aldehyde dehydrogesnase has been discovered to help in neutralizing the GABA gene which has been discovered influence addiction of alcohol in individuals. Scientists are also advocating for educational programs to help in solving the high rate of interpersonal violence caused by excessive alcohol consumption amongst individuals. ...
Therefore, scientists are emphasizing on the need to sleep to help in solving the problem of loneliness and prevent consumption of alcohol in individuals who drink because they are lonely or need instant gratification from various issues affecting their lives (Hardie & Ben 54). Examples of these programs include off-time pubertal training which is used to predict physiological activity of individuals to interpersonal stress caused by excessive consumption of alcohol. In addition, the government and non-governmental organizations have introduced programs on drug and alcohol abuse to help alcohol addicts to recover and quit their drinking habit by pointing out the risk and involved and also offering counseling services for those who are affected and those who are already addicts. Scientists have also proposed educational programs within the country to help in solving the problem of underage drinking amongst teenagers and grown-ups within the country. This assist in solving the problem of interpersonal conflict amongst individuals. They are school strategies which are emphasizing on the adaptation of behavioral theory and useful information amongst individuals. In addition, they have actively involved the community and family to form strategies to prevent drinking amongst individuals and bring to an end interpersonal conflict associated with alcohol (Criminology and Criminal Justice: Theory Research Methods and Statistics 120). An example of these programs includes strengthening families program which was started to improve relationships in families and also social skills of individuals. Resistance skill programs have also been introduced to help in the prevention of interpersonal conflict associated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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