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Lab Report Of An Experiment To Find Out the Example of Passive Transport Processes in Cells - Essay Example

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Current lab report considers an experiment carried out in a laboratory to demonstrate the example of passive transport in cells as it occurs in across the cell membrane. The aim of this lab report is to detail the process of passive transport: osmosis and diffusion in mock-up membrane system…
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Lab Report Of An Experiment To Find Out the Example of Passive Transport Processes in Cells
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Download file to see previous pages Present lab report would focus on the example of the passive transport in cells.
A cell membrane is one of the most important parts of a cell. It is the outer layer that covers the cells of animals including man. This membrane is described as selectively permeable - a factor that contributes to its ability to control the substances that will pass across it into or out of the cell. This unique characteristic of the cell membrane makes it suitable for the processes involved in passive transport (Rondell, & DaufiÌ, 2007). Passive transport is an important process that occurs across this membrane and involves the movement of substances in and out of the cell without using any energy. This movement is facilitated entirely by the molecules’ inherent kinetic energy (Raber, 2000). Examples of passive transport processes include osmosis and diffusion. In this report, I consider an experiment carried out in a laboratory to demonstrate the process of osmosis is it occurs in across the cell membrane.
Definition of terms
Hypotonic solution- this refers to a situation where the solute molecules concentration outside the cell is lower when compared to the concentration of solutes molecules within the cell.
Hypertonic solution- solute molecules concentration outside the cell is higher when compared to the solute molecule concentration within the cell.
Isotonic- a situation where the solute molecules concentration within and outside the cell is equal....
Fasten one of its ends to create a bag. Rub the other end between your fingers to separate the edges and cause it to open. 2) Put 15ml of the 1% starch and 15% glucose solution in the bag. Fasten off the remaining open end, making an allowance for the content expansion. Document the weight and color of the solution at the beginning of the experiment in a data table. 3) Take the glucose test strip and use it to investigate the presence of glucose in the 1% starch 15% glucose solution. Use the data table to record your finding. 4) Take a 250ml beaker, fill it with distilled water, and add about 4 ml Logol’s solution then use the data table to record the resultant color of the solution. Analyze the solution to find the presence of glucose and record the findings in the data table. 5) Submerge the bag into the solution in the beaker. 6) Give the set-up a period of about 30 minutes to settle or until color change in the beaker or the bag is evident. Document the last color of the solution within the bag, and the color of the solution within the beaker in the data table. Take note of the bag final Weight and document it to in the data table. 7) Use the test tape to analyze the solution in the bag and the one in the beaker for glucose presence and record the findings in the data table. Data table ITEM INITIAL CONTENT INITIAL COLOR INITIAL MASS FINALCONTENT FINAL COLOR FINAL MASS Dialysis bag-(1st experiment) Starch/glucose solution white 30g Starch /glucose solution purple 34g Beaker – (1st experiment ) H2O/Iodine Yellow H2O/Iodine/glucose yellow Dialysis bag-(2nd experiment) Starch/glucose solution Milky white 24g Starch /glucose solution Blue-purple 26g Beaker – (2nd experiment H2O/Iodine ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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