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How Biologists Are Impacted and Responding to Alcohol-Induced Interpersonal Violence Globally - Research Paper Example

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Biologists on Alcohol-Induced Interpersonal Violence Globally Name Tutor Course Institution Date Introduction In the real world, it is a fact hat alcohol is the most addictive drug among many others, which has been accepted in the society. The abuse of alcohol and hazardous use of alcohol has been rated as one of the leading challenges of the public health in the global community…
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How Biologists Are Impacted and Responding to Alcohol-Induced Interpersonal Violence Globally
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Download file to see previous pages The dependence of alcohol causes problems in social state of its victim and results to abnormal occurrences and acts such as domestic violence, loss, or lowering of productivity in place of work as well as causing traffic accident leading to injuries are also the consequences of alcohol misuse. The misuse also results to chronic organ disorders of the victimized individual (French, 1991, 57-63). According to the Room, et al. (2005) excessive use of alcohol is rated third position of the causes leading to preventable deaths in the US. Its abuse causes the large burdens in the cohesion of communities, health of populations and the provision of the basic public services including criminal justice and health care. Alcohol misuse is responsible of 4% a year on the lost health through disability or premature deaths. The report also indicates that, for every resulted death due to the interpersonal violence, many of the victims require treatment from hospital while many other victims remain undisclosed (Nutt et al., 1988, pp 283-313). This is because the victimized persons are recorded neither by the criminal justice agencies, nor in the health centers. Alcohol and interpersonal violence are strongly linked although the consumption depends on the pattern of drinking between countries, and across all cultures. There are many cases documented which justifies various impacts of impacts on the harmful consumption of alcohol by recording the victims of violence as a result. According to Goldberg et al. (2003)the Australia recorded 26% male victims and 17% female victims between year 2002 and 2003. As evidenced on the report, the victims were said to have been drinking alcohol prior to their death. On another case, Netherlands had documented 36% of the victims presented to the trauma department between the years 1970 to 1998. It was then learnt that the victims had consumed alcohol. The percentage of the victims of violent injuries presented to the emergency rooms in USA, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, and Australia tested positive for alcohol depending on the country. For example, in Argentina, only 24% of those tested turned positive whilst Australia had 43%. In every country, abuse of alcohol and its related interpersonal violence has so far affected too many consequences including affecting the health and the well-being of the relationship between the friends and family, fear levels within the communities, and also the pressure to the public service. Harmful use of alcohol is said to be the method of portraying violent experiences where the victims become prone to problematic habits of drinking even in future life. Other long-term effect of victim’s health includes the posttraumatic stress disorder or even committing suicide. Researchers in developed countries have noticed that, the consumption of alcohol by both the violence perpetrators and victims can increase the severity of injuries (Thurman & LemasterS, 1984, pp. 103–117). In this, alcohol may play a major role in determining the survival of the victims after serious assaults. For example, by either reducing the victims’ perception of the seriousness of the injury or reducing their ability of seeking the medical help (Room et al., 2003). Alcohol abuse also causes many other social ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Biologists Are Impacted and Responding to Alcohol-Induced Research Paper.
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