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Giardiasis Disease Grade Course (16th, Jan. 2013) Giardiasis Disease fact sheet Giardiasis Disease 1. Causative agent The disease is caused by a microscopic parasite known as Giardia 2. Signs/Symptoms Diarrhea Gas Greasy stools that tend to float Stomach or abdominal cramps Upset stomach or nausea/vomiting Dehydration (loss of fluids) 3…
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Giardiasis Disease
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"Giardiasis Disease"

Diagnostics Test stool microscopy The entero-test 6. Treatments Under the conditions of persistent symptoms, metronidazole and albendazole are the main drugs administered, with a long duration of at least 5-10 day intake 7. Prognosis (Outcome) Treated of the infection after the intake of the drugs, although long-term gastrointestinal disorders may be experienced 8. Mortality rate There is no mortality rate associated with this disease 9. Prevention Can be prevented through drinking water that is boiled or treated well Washing hands before eating Washing fruits and vegetables before eating them. Giardiasis Disease: Summary of a doctor and nurse perspective Giardiasis Disease is an intestinal parasitic disease that is not well elaborate in terms of symptoms display. While the display of symptoms from patients suffering from the disease can take 2 to 3 weeks, the symptoms may not display at all in certain individuals (Ortega, 2009). To add to the complexity of this disease is the fact that, the symptoms may appear and then resolve after some time, only to re-appear later in a different form. The disease is caused by a microscopic parasite known as Giardia which can either be found in food, soil or water that is already contaminated with the feces material from an animal or human being who is infected by the microscopic parasite (Pennardt, 2009). The microscopic parasite is coated with an outer shell, which allows it to survive outside the body of a living organism for a long period of time, while waiting to be consumed by the living organisms so it can cause the infection. The parasite also tolerates chlorine disinfection, making it to survive even in chlorinated water (Ortega, 2009). Therefore, water, both consumption and recreational, is the most common method of transmitting the parasite to humans and animals. The signs and symptoms depicted by individuals infected by the disease include diarrhea and loose stool, where the individual infected experiences severe and consistent diarrhea for a long period of time (Ortega, 2009). Stomach cramps, discomforts and stomach upsets are other common symptoms that are depicted by the individuals suffering from this infection. The individual suffering from this disease is also characterized by prolonged vomiting, excessive stomach bloating and excessive stomach gases. The disease is also characterized by loss of appetite, weight loss, malnutrition and low levels of body fat, vitamins; mostly vitamin A and vitamin B12, and lactose (Pennardt, 2009). The Giardiasis Disease incidence occurs when the Giardia microscopic parasite invades the small intestines and blocks it, hindering the absorption of nutrients from the food substances flowing through the small intestines. This blockage causes low absorption of nutrients and vitamins by the body, while also causing lactose intolerance (Ortega, 2009). The risk factor for this disease is the consumption of water, or the use of recreational water that has been contaminated by the fecal materials from humans or animals that are already infected. Food contamination also serves as the other risk factor, although water transmission is the most common method. The main diagnostic procedure for Giardiasis Disease is stool microscopy, where the fecal material of individuals are observed through the microscope, to determine whether the Read More
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Whenever such movements of stomach acids likes the hydrochloric acid that help in the digestion of food leaks from the stomach back to the esophagus, the mucus lining of the wall prevent them from corroding the esophagus. Additionally, such backward movement of stomach and intestinal acids are rare since the digestion system has a mechanism of enclosing both the stomach and the intestines thus preventing such occurrences.
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