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Light experiment - Lab Report Example

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Molecular and cellular basis of life Name Institution Molecular and cellular basis of life: Scenedesmus Molecular and cellular life science simply focuses on understanding the molecular levels in the functioning of a cell. This encompasses physical, chemical and biological computation of scientific principles…
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Light experiment
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Extract of sample "Light experiment"

Download file to see previous pages Introduction This project involves the study of Scenedesmus growth conditions. Scenedesmus refers to genus of the colonial green algae, with cell arrangements of 4, 8, and 16 in a row. It is a common component of fresh water plankton, which is most commonly used in the experimental purposes of water pollution and photosynthesis. It is also crucial in the process of sewage purification because it releases oxygen, which is necessary for the breakdown of organic matter, hence terminates the functions of harmful substances. In this project, we get to experiment on the growth conditions and developments. The main elements in test here will be light and pH since we discovered that the plant grows well under neutral pH. The main methodology in this project is to grow one experimental set in direct sunlight while the other will be places under no sunlight. The main conclusion will be based on the growth patterns of both experimental samples, and note the difference in them. Materials and methods Details on culture setup 50ml conical cubes Number of replicates per treatment 4ml of initial culture added to 16ml culture Gro (Carolina Biological) Algae grown .Scenedesmus (Carolina biological) Growth conditions The cultures shall be natured in the growth chamber for 18 hours, day and 6 hours night at 250 C The light levels in the chamber placed at 300 mM photons/m2/sec2 Experiment treatments One should describe the treatments and the levels to which they should get applied. Methodology for measurements This section contains the details of the materials used and a description of how the experiment is executed. From here, one can easily conduct the same experiment and present the results for comparison. Hemocytometers get employed in calculating the cell density/ml at an average of four consecutive counts. NB: Washed hands before handling any materials to avoid contaminating them. 1. Set up the microscope and take a sample of scenedesmus. 2. Determine the number of scenedesmus in 1 ml with hemocytometer. Make sure to swirl before taking sample (three count to get average concentration). 3. Set up three replications per treatment 20 ml total volume; adjust volume of growth medium by (4 ml of algae volume and 16 ml of treatment volume) in the test tubes 4. Write the number of the group and initial of the group 5. Divide the product to three groups; three simples each group (the three groups low, medium, and high light). 6. Put the simples in the light refrigerator. 7. Divide the simples to low, medium, and high light. 8. Wait three weeks to the product to grow. 9. Determine the number of scenedesmus. Results This section contains the results that were obtained from the experiment. The data is a brief summary of the whole experiment. The data here is only mentioned with no analysis given. The analysis gets handled in the next section. Low Light Medium Light High Light 83 68 33 80 58 43 80 55 42 From the above data, we can acknowledge that the experiment was conducted using three cultures. The presentation is done and the data per culture is presented in the way the performed in different light scenarios. The first case is the experiment under low light conditions then followed by results in the middle light conditions and finally the results obtained in high light, experimental conditions. However, in this experiment we are mainly going to use the data in low light conditions and the results from the experimen ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Light Experiment Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
Light Experiment Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
“Light Experiment Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”, n.d.
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