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Overpopulation of Man O war causing reduced fish population - Essay Example

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Overpopulation of Man causing reduced fish population Name: Institution: Man gets into conflict with his ecosystem every quite often. One factor that is for sure is that every action that man undertakes impacts either positively or negatively in one way or another on the ecosystem…
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Overpopulation of Man O war causing reduced fish population
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Download file to see previous pages In the history of man, it has been known that he lived in practically any type of environment. There are those who lived in the wet lands; all they did was to reclaim the land thereby making them habitable. On the other hand, there are those who lived in the deserts; here too, they tried to make them a bit habitable. Man has even lived in the snow in the polar regions and just was the case with the men who lived in the other regions, here too, man tried making it more habitable (Joel, 2004). In the ensuing process of reclamation of the land or the ecosystem to suit the specifications of man, the environment suffers a great deal. The environment, whether very harsh or conducive, is home to other animals. Encroaching on these lands and making them habitable for humans inconveniences the rest of the animals a great deal. The inconvenience may result in the animals reacting in diverse ways; these could be as diverse as some of the animals dying in mass thereby resulting in extinction of species (Kevin, 1998). Man derives his food from his environment. This logical fact is responsible for the diversity that exists in men. Historically, there were esteemed hunters, gatherers, and even fishermen among others. Man depended on his environment more in the pre medieval times when the world was not as developed as it is today. This type of intense over dependencies resulted in more conflict between man and his environment; he never added any value to the ecosystem and to all that lived alongside with him. He tried to make his environment safer for his survival and this resulted in the death of those animals he deemed a threat to his peaceful life. To obtain food, he harvested plants and killed other animals. After making the environment safe and establishing food security for his family, it was eminent that man’s population would increase. Increase in the population of such a domineering animal only meant one thing, more resources would be reclaimed thus more other animals that had previously habited alongside him would be greatly inconvenienced. There would be increased demand for food; this meant that more of the other animals eaten by man would decrease in population. An increase in man’s population means increased demand for land which leads to the most basic need; habitation or accommodation. Consequently, more land is thus reclaimed. One other aspect of man’s life that was quite disastrous to the environment is his belief in ownership. He gets to an environment, grabs some huge junk of land and turns the land his with all that lives in it (Haynes, 2010). This claim of ownership gives him authority over all other animals and plants that live in the land. He is thus free to do with them as he so please even if it means cutting don the trees and killing the animals. The most basic food eaten by man in the history of man is fish, these are small aqua animals that are very rich in protein. This thus made them bearers of great portions of man’s implications on the environment. Fish replicates very fast, within five months, a fish is fully-grown and lays eggs, despite this rapid population growth, the fish in the terrestrial regions could not withstand the demand pressure that man laid on them (Thomas & Michael, 2001). The rate of increase of human’s population was alarming furthermore in the terrestrial regions, the commonly existing water bodies that were thus homes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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