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Biology Name Institution Question One Mitosis refers to the form of cell division whereby a single cell divides in a way that it produces two “daughter cells” that are genetically identical. This is the process through whereby the body is capable of producing new cells for growth, as well as repair of aging or even damaged tissues all over the body as opposed to meiosis that is for sexual reproduction…
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Answers for questions
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Download file to see previous pages b) The miotic phase whereby the cell divides; this stage of the "cell cycle" comprises of two stages. First is mitosis, which is the division of the cell nucleus; this gets followed by cytokinesis, which is the splitting up of the cell’s cytoplasm to two daughter cells. Question Two Atomic bonds are in two types - ionic and covalent bonds; they vary in their structure, as well as their features. Covalent bonds comprise of pairs of electrons that two atoms share, and join the atoms in a permanent orientation; therefore, relatively high energies is essential for breaking break them. The determining factor as to whether two atoms are capable of forming a covalent bond is dependent on their electronegativity that is the influence of an atom within a molecule of attracting electrons to itself. However, if two atoms vary considerably within their electronegativity, the result is one of the atoms loosing its electron to the other atom. In this case, the outcome happens to be a positively charged ion i.e. cation, together with a negatively charged ion i.e. ...
The somewhat small size of water molecules paves way for many water molecules to bound one molecule of solute. As a result, the water’s partly negative dipoles get attracted to the positively charged constituents of the solute; this is the same with the positive dipoles. Question Four Osmosis is capable of producing disastrous impacts in living things; this is worse when a person drinks salt water like the ocean water. The body has the capability if handling a little bit of salty water, but if a person consumes salt water only for several days, the osmotic pressure starts drawing water from other sections of the body. Considering that a human body varies from 60% water i.e. in an adult male up to 85% in a baby, the body contains a lot of water; nonetheless, water is the vital ingredient within the human body. Therefore, if a person continues ingesting salt water, he or she will eventually undergo dehydration and die. Question Five The primary distinction between DNA and RNA happens to be the sugar present within the molecules. Whereas the sugar available in a RNA molecule turns out to be ribose, on the other hand, the sugar available in a molecule of DNA happens to be deoxyribose. Although Deoxyribose is almost similar to ribose, the difference is that former contains one more OH. It is impossible for DNA to survive as a single molecule; rather, it exists as a tightly-bonded pair of molecules. The two long components entangle like vines, taking the shape of a twofold helix. This array of DNA strands is antiparallel, with the asymmetric tops of DNA components getting known as the 5? and 3? ends. The main differences amid DNA and RNA happens to be the sugar, with 2-deoxyribose getting replaced by the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Answers for Questions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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