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Drug Addiction as a Disease of the Brain Name Subject Teacher Date               Drug Addiction as a Disease of the Brain The Biology of Drug Addiction Drug addiction, as defined by DrugAbuse.gov, is a “chronic, often relapsing brain disease that causes compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences to the addicted individual and to those around him or her” (“Drug Facts,” 2011)…
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Is Drug Addiction a Disease of the Brain
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"Is Drug Addiction a Disease of the Brain"

Download file to see previous pages As for drugs like marijuana and heroin, their molecules have a similar structure to neurotransmitters, and thus they activate nerve cells in order to form even harmful synaptic connections as well as send abnormal messages. Cocaine and methamphetamine, on the other hand, would cause the overproduction of neutransmitters like dopamine, which eventually “shuts off” synaptic communication or the signaling between neurons and alters the brain’s reward system (“Drug Facts,” 2011). As the addiction continues, it is getting harder and harder to bring the dopamine level to normal in order to produce the same rewarding or satisfying feeling, thus more and more amount of drugs is needed to achieve this. Another effect of drug addiction on the brain is altering glutamate, which is actually associated with the brain’s reward system and cognitive function. Long term abuse, therefore, may impair the glutamate and consequently affect judgment, learning, memory, behavior control, and decision-making activities of the drug addict (“Drug Facts,” 2011). ...
tion is not a brain disease because of two reasons: First, “the changes in the brain which [those who are on the opposite side of the issue] show us are not abnormal at all,” and second, “there is no evidence that the behavior of addicts is compulsive [or involuntary” (“Addiction is NOT,” 2012). For the first reason, those who believe that drug addiction is a disease often point out to brain images of neuroadaptations and a totally different prefrontal cortex that both result from a repetitive intake of drugs. According to authors of Clean Slate, this is not abnormal at all because any human being can alter the synaptic pathways of his brain simply through constant practice, and the authors point out Begley and Jeffrey Schwartz, who both authored The Mind and The Brain. Both authors pointed out in their book that the scanned images of both experienced and inexperienced taxi drivers in London are not the same in terms of the prefrontal cortex, but this does not necessarily mean that drivers who do not know much of the city would have a mental disease. The point is that “these brain changes don’t need to be brought on by exposure to chemicals,” and since there is no physiologic malfunction and that there are no pathologically affected parts, then the author of Clean Slate contends that drug addiction is not a disease (“Addiction is NOT,” 2012). In fact, the aforementioned claim is rather supported by Satel and Lilienfeld (2007), who state, “In the days between binges, cocaine addicts make many [normal everyday] decisions that have nothing to do with drug-seeking.” However, although it makes perfect logical sense that drug addicts do not act like drug addicts all the time, it is basically the same thing with AIDS patients since these people can ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Drug Addiction
Julien et al. (2010) and Selye (1978) consider introduction of a foreign material to the body as one cause of deviation from this normalness. Exposing systems of an individual to a foreign material over a long period results to addiction. That is, addicts of a particular substance develop the behavior after being exposed to the substance over some time.
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Ingestion of a substance causes the reward circuits in the brain ton activate and whenever this happens dependence or addiction is possible. The destructive addictions include alcoholism, alcohol intoxication, drug abuse and dependence, cocaine abuse, narcotic abuse, substance abuse, and methamphetamine abuse.
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Motivation theories for drug use and addiction
This occurs despite the negative health consequences, besides adverse outcomes in the social, economic and functional spheres.Although confronted with all the disadvantages caused by drug use, addicted individuals persist in taking addictive drugs. They take drugs to escape from reality or to avoid unpleasant states such as withdrawal or stress. “According to early models of drug motivation, negative reinforcement is a key motive for drug use” (Baker et al, 2004, p.33).
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Addiction is a Brain Disease
Addiction Is a Brain Disease Over the years, the number of types of addiction has increased. An addicted person is said to be one who has no control over the things he/she does, uses or takes. It is not just in physical things such as alcohol but also anything else for example, shopping.
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regulation in limiting the amount of drug one consumes, an inner motivation to obtain and take the substance, and the occurrence of negative state of emotion if the drug or substance cannot be accessed. Examples of these negative states of emotions include been irritable and
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Drug Addiction a Disease of the Brain
Second, there is the school of thought that describes drug abuse as a type of self-fulfilling prophecy with relation to the way people understand and categorize it. What one can see from this debate, prior to seeking to develop their own point of view with relation to the issue, is that one viewpoint attempts to explain drug use by way of a mental/spiritual deficiency in terms of lack of willpower.
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The script of Debra Hill was put to plot in the Midwestern town of Haddonfield. The theme is based on violence, gore, a psychic character of Micheal Myer and brave teenager Laurie Strode. The story begins with the family of three children, Judith; the eldest, six years old Micheal Myer and infant Laurie Strode.  
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Drug addiction is a major social issue facing teenagers, and it occurs when one experiences a compulsive drive to take a drug despite the serious adverse effects of the drug.
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Drug addiction
In fact, most of the societies believe that most of the drug addicts lack the motivation and will power to change their behavior. They believe that it is an easy thing to stop using drugs. However, to most of the drug addict, quitting is a problem as this problem affects their brain. Despite this enormous challenge, drug addiction can be overcome through myriad ways of treatment. This will help in stopping of drug abuse and such individuals will be able to lead productive lives.
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Addiction is a brain disease
Addiction is brain disease Introduction Addiction is everywhere. However, not everyone has it which means that it can be considered a deviation from the norm. It is because of this very nature of addiction that behavioral and biological perspectives come into team work in the hope of revealing the truth behind this problem.
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