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On Lung Cancer - Assignment Example

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24 August 2012. Lung Cancer Smoking is long blamed to cause lung cancer despite the fact that a vast majority of the smokers never acquire the disease. A trio of new researches conducted by teams in Europe, Iceland, and the US has concluded that two genetic variants found in roughly 34 per cent of the population play a role in a smoker’s risk of acquiring lung cancer by coding for the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the lungs to which the nicotine attaches, thus causing many changes in the cells that include their uncontrolled growth that facilitates the development of new feeder blood vessels to provide the cancer tumors …
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Assignment on Lung Cancer
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Download file to see previous pages These research findings are very important since they negate the long-held perception that nicotine is fundamentally the cause of lung cancer. The specialty of these research works is that they have separately found the effect of years of smoking and that if genetic variants on an individual’s risk of getting lung cancer. Knowledge of the results obtained from these studies may be utilized in the development of more effective drugs and treatment options for the smokers. “We are all impatient for drugs that can cure cancer no matter when and where we find it” (Phelps, 2012). Findings of the research done by the team in Iceland also found that have specific gene variants even increases the addiction for nicotine in some smokers, which increases their susceptibility to getting lung cancer. ...
“It is imperative that government agencies, the research and funding community, health systems and insurers, community leaders, schools and families all take steps now to cut tobacco’s rural roots [since more rural than urban population falls prey to it]” (“Cutting Tobacco’s Roots”). For those who continue taking the risk, drugs blocking nicotine might prove useful as nicotine is what triggers their chances of acquiring lung cancer. Nicotine in cigarettes increases the susceptibility of smokers with predisposition to lungs cancer to risk of this disease. I hate smoking and I have objective reasons for doing so. I totally agree with (Park) when she says, “we already know the best way to prevent [lung cancer] - by not smoking in the first place” (Park). Nothing comparable to that… We were 8 family members in total including my mother, my father, my sister Lisa, my sister Mary, my eldest brother George, second to him was Martin, then I, and in the last my brother Red. I have lost my mother and both sisters at the ages that are not very suitable and a bit too early considering the average age of death for women in our country. When my mother died, she was 52 years old. My sister Mary died and 40 whereas Lisa died at the age of 36 years. She was not even married and was heading towards her marriage. On the other hand, my father, George, Martin, I, and Red are aged 70, 56, 52, 49, and 45 respectively, and we are all not only alive but also in perfect health. One thing that was common among my sisters and mother was that they were smokers and surprisingly, one thing that is common among my father, George, Martin, I, and Red is that none of us smokes. My mother, my sisters, my father, my brothers and I all have been living ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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