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The Impact on the Ecosystem - Essay Example

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The Impact On The Ecosystem Pravishti Sukhdeo ENV300: Environmental Biology Instructor:  Bryan Lombard August 12, 2012 The Impact on the Ecosystem The world is made up of different kinds of communities – communities in which both human beings as well as animal and plant life survive together…
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The Impact on the Ecosystem
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Extract of sample "The Impact on the Ecosystem"

Download file to see previous pages This cannot rule out the vast number of negative impacts that the human population has on the ecosystem around it; human beings, over the years, have become so greedy that their actions have begun to pollute rivers and lakes as well as the air that is breathed; factories have been dumping toxic wastes everywhere possible leading to hazardous manifestations like soil erosion and deforestation, not to forget further polluting the environment and making it impossible for beings to survive. Making room for more people to live on the planet has started resulting in a clash with the existing varieties of other species that fearfully roam the earth. Even though biological communities do exist, it must be noted that human beings are overpopulating the ecosystem that they live within and in the process, making life difficult for other beings that depend on water, air and soil for their well being too. Every species plays a strong role in the environment which represents a niche; this ecological niche encompasses the relationship that each organism has with its environment as a single entity or as a plural society. Looking at the niche from the point of view of humans, they have been impacting the environment that they live in, rather strongly and negatively at that. Within my personal local area, an ecosystem of interest would be my neighborhood – it is made up of various kinds of plants, animals and human beings, all co-existing together. The entire area has slowly been concretized over the years however it still retains its natural environment as a small lake thrives around the corner around which a number of plants and animals exist; the area is very well greened, giving the opportunity to a number of birds as well as small animals to make their home and live there. It must be understood that an ecosystem also consists of the non-living objects that are present within it for example, the air, water, soil around the living objects which assist the living objects to survive and thus live in conjunction with each other. This is why it is important to take care of not only the living but the non-living aspects of nature; water, air and soil are very integral to the survival of any human being and thus their contamination may lead to catastrophic circumstances for living beings. Most people in the area keep pets of all kinds as well – dogs, cats, birds, turtles, fish etc. Thus, this environment may be referred to as an ecosystem because all kinds of living creatures have been undergoing a basic biotic way of life in their natural environment. Nonetheless, with time, more and more buildings and housing societies have made their way into the area and this has led to cutting down of a significant number of trees. This further, has led to a number of small animals and plants living with the help of those trees (creepers, squirrels etc.) bar their home and move to a different place to seek shelter. With respect to this paper on how the ecosystem is being impacted, it must be understood that man has interfered within nature to the extent that every individual is now taking up a lot more space in the environment than an animal or a plant would; this means that because of manmade interventions, it has become impossible for other aspects of the environment to survive within. It is every individual’s duty to understand the harmful manner in which he is contributing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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