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Biology Questions - Essay Example

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Name Professor Course Date Biology Qn. #1 Prokaryotic according to numerous studies undertaken by experts, they contend that, it is the ancestor of eukaryotic cell. This aspect in arguing and intending to present it in a correct and understandable manner, it has generated contrasting theories from both the early and present experts…
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Biology Questions
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"Biology Questions"

Download file to see previous pages Prokaryotic initially prior infusion with the other forms was able to support itself via utilizing free O2 in processing both its energy and food. This is via diminutive heterotrophs mitochondria via respiration and ensuring that they produced useful food and energy liable for their sustainability. Primarily, the Eukaryote Evolution bears two pathways, which encompass Endosymbiosis and Membrane infolding (Virtual Fossil Museum). Researchers have accepted and utilized Endosymbiosis in expounding the evolution of Eukaryote contrary to the latter pathway. Membrane infolding process contends that unit’s’ membrane engulfed the invading prokaryote where instead of digesting the cell wall it remained intact and formed an extra membrane surrounding protomitochondria and protochloroplast (Virtual Fossil Museum). Hence, the external membrane developed Eukaryote characteristics where its continued evolution yielded to endomembrane system (The virtual Fossil Museum). Conversely, Endosymbiosis claims that two entities that are diverse structurally fused due to their entirety dependence (symbiosis). The theory contends that eukaryote mitochondrion emanated from autotrophic organism engulfed by a large heterotrophic entity (Virtual Fossil Museum). Prokaryote was unable to utilize O2 to support its metabolisms process losting its outer cell wall, though, it developed an extra flexible membrane. This yielded to more infolding forming the nucleus and diverse numerous internal organelles as indicated in Fig.1. Alternatively, Eukaryote engulfed alphaproteobacteria (autotroph) without digesting it, which utilized O2 in synthesizing energy via photosynthesis (Fig. 2). This established symbiosis relationship existing amid the Eukaryote and the autotroph in the cell (The virtual Fossil Museum). Eukaryote’s responsibilities entail protection and nutrients provisions while the endosymbiont prokaryote energy via respiration (Virtual Fossil Museum). Symbiosis normally entails diverse entities that usually exist in the same environment and co-exist via mutual dependence, for instance, Eukaryote and prokaryote. This is via each entity having a distinct role, which the other cannot undertake on its own, but it is essential for own continued existence. Figure 1: Endosymbiosis Theory Retrieved from http://www.fossilmuseum.net/Evolution/Endosymbiosis.htm Figure 2: Endosymbiosis Theory. Retrieved from http://www.fossilmuseum.net/Evolution/Endosymbiosis.htm Qn. #2 Zonation entails how diverse ecosystems normally distribute themselves owing to their capability to withstand certain climatic aspects and can adequately thrive in their midst. Primarily, it depends on altitude, latitude or other factors that prompts diverse ecosystems and tend to inhabit certain geographical positions than others. Since, they do possess the necessary adaptation characteristics; these will enable their sustainability contrary to others, which could become extinct if exposed to the region (Keddy 101). Local zonation refers to small fragments having distinct characteristics and ecosystems that normally inhabit certain region, for illustration, intertidal zonation. This lies amid the high and low tidal lines, mainly on the shoreline (Keddy 269). Animals or plants meant to dwell in this region entail that they do bear diverse ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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