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This essay aims to analyze and discuss the connotation that men are susceptible to extinction, that is subject to heated debates as well as accelerated research by scientists today. Several researchers indicate that men are facing a threat of becoming extinct due to several reasons…
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Men an Endangered Species
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Download file to see previous pages This threatens the productivity of men in the near future if the trend continues. The major reason is that men are consuming a lot of estrogen from plastic liners of cans, some paints, and even soy-based foods (1). Another explanation for the threatened extinction of men is that there is lose of testosterone and a significant rise in estrogen as men age. When men start producing more estrogen, which is the main female sex hormone they are likely to become more feminine or womanly. On the contrary, as a woman age there is an equal fall of their hormones levels hence little or no major changes. The rise of estrogen levels and the falling testosterone in older men could also explain why there is a sudden attraction to members of their own sex even if it had not occurred before. This premise implicate that as older men become more feminine, there is an increase in susceptibility of the extinction of the male species (Parker, 2). Several studies also indicate that there is a threat for the extinction of the Y chromosome, which majorly determines the male sex. These studies deem that the Y chromosome had approximately 1,400 genes on it three hundred million years ago, and presently it has only got 45 left (Perloe, 2). Possibly significant genes from the Y chromosome will adopt habitation on another chromosome (3). In the 1970s, scientists developed a method of separating X and Y-chromosomes from sperm. The assertion behind its development was to make couples naturally choose males (the Y chromosome). This trend however becomes the opposite since 2 to 1, selects baby girls over baby boys (Baehr, 2). However, the only reason why scientists are not sure if men are susceptible to...
This paper analyzes in detail the various reasons as to why men are an endangered species. Some of the reasons that men are susceptible to extinction are scientific, while others are sociological. Scientific reasons, assert the possibility of gradual extinction of the male chromosomes, while the sociological reasons deem the loss of social roles. The major reason why men are an endangered species is that of loss of the reproductive power. Several studies indicate that men are increasingly having reduced sperm count due to various environmental toxins. The toxins that make men infertile include Teflon, pesticides, plastic, cosmetics and hormones found in food. In addition, some men, especially in many parts of Africa are vulnerable of loosing their reproductive potential due to taking illicit homemade brews. There has been extensive research and several debates concerning the susceptibility of extinction of the male species. Proponents of this premise assert that there is overwhelming evidence that support this connotation. These reasons include the gradual extinction of the Y chromosome, reduced sperm counts as well as rise in estrogen levels in older men. Other reasons include the loss of social and reproductive roles by men due to increased awareness of women and artificial forms or fertilization respectively. Moreover, other chemicals that mimic the effects of estrogen for instance 'Xeno-Oestrogens accelerate this susceptibility.' These chemicals are present in most of the common products that men use presently. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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