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Tools And Time: The Evolution Of Technology In The Genus Homo - Essay Example

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Human evolution is a complex and puzzling process that many scholars have dedicated their efforts to unravel. The transformation of animals to human is a puzzling issue that attracts attention of the scientists to study systematic development of brains in genus Homo…
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Tools And Time: The Evolution Of Technology In The Genus Homo
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"Tools And Time: The Evolution Of Technology In The Genus Homo"

Download file to see previous pages Scientists suggest that the modern man developed from simple forms of life. Scientists reveal that that Homo sapiens emerged from the ape-like creatures that existed in some parts of the world. The scientists believe that the apes and Homo sapiens belong to same ancestor. Other evolutionary changes occurred in the activities of the early man. There is a connection between human biological and technological innovations (Price & Feinman, 2007:57). Archaeologists use the behaviour of the chimpanzees to study stone tool technology. The researches reveal that tool-making technology has advanced over a period. This paper will explore the advancement of tool making in the genus Homo. The genus Homo comprise of the Homo habilis (handy man), Homo erectus (upright man), and Homo sapiens (wise man). This genus shares characteristics that include, large brain and cranial vault, prominent nose, short base of the skull, and throat that aid in speech. The Homo species evolve in a linear sequence from each other. This happens through increasing of brain capacity in the species. The Archaeologists have endeavoured to study the characteristics of early man through observing the behaviour of the chimpanzees. ...
They have male figures that are solve disputes in the chimpanzee society through discouraging fights and threat displays. Sex in these creatures is strictly for reproduction purposes (Scothem). The Chimpanzees demonstrate skills to use tools in there daily activities. For instance, they can travel very long distances looking for the right stone or stick to use. The Chimpanzees utilize the tools to crack nuts and open the shells of seeds using hammer. They chimpanzees put seeds against a hard surface and struck them to extract the contents. Other primates such as the Bonobos are more intelligent in use of tools to such for their food. For instance, they utilize sticks to scoop algae from water (Scothem). Studies reveal that there the tool making technology evolved over time. The archaeological records show that the origins development of technology occurred with major changes in the evolution within this genus. In addition, the prehistoric artefacts reveal that develop species within the genus Homo had their way of making tools. Mostly, stone was the principal material that the early people used to make tools. Archaeologists place the tool making technology into different categories. The artefacts shows that stone tools that come from the same species in the genus Homo display many similarities. However, tools from varied species in the same genus reveal disparities. This implies that there is advancement in the prowess of making tools within the genus Homo (Aldenderfer et al. 2011:334). Archaeologists divide the evolution of the tool making technology into three categories. These include the early, middle, and the late stone ages. The ages reveal that the stone making is an ancient human skill. There are multiple levels of organisations and development of the skill ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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