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Biography of Nikola Tesla - Annotated Bibliography Example

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This paper stresses that Nikola Tesla was a scientist whose legendary passion for electricity had made him one of the pioneers in the evolution of commercial electricity. He was born in Smiljan, a village of Croatia, in 1856 and chance had it that the night of his birth witnessed a raging thunderstorm…
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Biography of Nikola Tesla
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Download file to see previous pages Nikola Tesla’s parents had migrated from Serbia to Croatia. His father was a priest, philosopher, and poet. The mental training that Nikola’s father gave him by making him do mathematical calculations without using a pen or paper was his initiation into the field of science. And his mother had “come from a family of inventors”. Nikola also made his first invention when he was a child of age five when he made himself a fishing hook and caught frogs. When Nokola was seven years old, his family went back to Serbia. In the new town, he became an instant hero as he repaired a newly modeled firefighting equipment which had failed to function on its first demonstration before the public. After his school years, Tesla decided to become an electrical engineer and joined Graz Polytechnic Institute in Austria.
During his studies, one of his professors had demonstrated a dynamo which can produce direct current electricity and which was invented by Thomas Alva Edison, in the class. After watching the functioning of a dynamo, when Tesla opined that it might be possible to create an alternate current manufacturing motor, his professor refuted this idea as impossible.
After a while, with the support of his father, he joined the University of Prague. But after one term was over, he left this course also and joined the telegraph department. While walking in the city park with a friend, the design of the ac motor suddenly came to his mind like a flash of lightning. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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