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A History of Chaplin's Film Career - Research Paper Example

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This paper "A History of Chaplin's Film Career" focuses on the fact that Charlie Chaplin’s filmography is a golden standard that vividly recreates the glamorous birth and sad decline of Hollywood’s studio system. Chaplin’s genius is demonstrated in all his films in fascinating detail…
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A History of Chaplins Film Career
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Download file to see previous pages As a writer, director, and principal actor, he exhibited an unparalleled degree of cinematic control unknown in Hollywood in the early 1920s (Robinson 1994). His talent and professionalism allowed him to infuse his movies with remarkable achievement and creative dramatic structure. Chaplin starred, wrote, directed and produced almost all of his films, which left a deep trace in Hollywood’s film industry requirements (Robinson 1994). Although he began his career in the British music halls and on the vaudeville stage, when he came to the United States in 1912 his talent first caught the eye of the entertainment entrepreneur Mack Sennett of the Keystone Film Studio. By the end of the decade, Chaplin was commanding fees of $1 million and building his own studio and distribution company. The inimitable comedic signature is a unique triumph by any stretch of the imagination.
Documentary evidence shows that Chaplin's entrepreneurial instincts triggered his interest in film production years before his film debut at Keystone. In 1909 Adam Kessel, Jr. and Charles O. Bauman became independent film producers and formed the New York Motion Picture Company (Acker 1991). They opposed the Patents Company monopoly initiated Hollywood’s first attempts to dominate independent production. Already among industry's most active film producers by 1912, Kessel and Baumann established a company to specialize in comedies. In 1913 Chaplin traveled to New York where he met with Adam Kessel. He offered him a one year contract and Chaplin continued to build his roster of comedy performances while developing Hollywoods preeminent fun factory of slapstick comedy. In the late teens and early 1920s, the movies in the United States started to shed their Victorian moralism and sentimentality (Bowser 1990). The growing film industry increasingly expressed new themes: exoticism, glamour, sophistication, urbanization and sex appeal (Aberdeen 2005). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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