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The Catholic Church Approving and Accepting Hildegards Position - Essay Example

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The paper describes the life of Hildegard that was marked by a desire to improve a lot of women and assert their place in society but it is done under the due guidance of a male mentor, who understands the dilemmas and desires of this accomplished individual…
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The Catholic Church Approving and Accepting Hildegards Position
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Download file to see previous pages Hildegard of Bingen (1098 -1179) was born on the banks of the River Nahe, where her parents lived in Germersheim, Germany. She was the 10th child in the family and as was the custom of those days, the 10th child had to be given to the service of God. So it was decided to give Hildegard in offering to Christ’s work even though she was quite a sickly child. Even as a child Hildegard understood that she was “special” as she began having visions even at the tender age of three, which out of fear hid from telling anyone about the occurrences she experienced. By way of education and training, Hildegard was not given much because she was too weak and sickly. Besides, having many physical infirmities, Hildegard experienced brilliant flashes of light from time to time. Hildegard’s parents fulfilled their commitment in 1106 when she was 8years old and so she was dedicated to the Church and hence was to receive a religious education and was nominated to take this instruction from Jutta, who served as an abbess of a community of cloistered nuns in association with the Benedictine monastery at Disibodenberg. The practice of “anchoress” in those times was for young girls who spurned the pleasures of everyday lifestyles and worldly attractions and dedicated themselves to God’s service by following an utterly Spartan lifestyle in this pursuit. In his book titled – “Outrageous Women of the Middle Ages” (Leon Vicki, 1998) gives us an account of some of the most enlightening stories of 15 women who have excelled in their fields by defying all conventions of their period. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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