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Ivan the Terrible Story - Essay Example

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The author of the essay "Ivan the Terrible Story" states that The first person to assume the title of Tsar in Russia was Ivan Vasilyevich who was born in the year 1530 (Madariaga, 2005). The highlight of his rule, as is the highlight of many emperors of the previous ages, was conquest. …
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Ivan the Terrible Story
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Extract of sample "Ivan the Terrible Story"

Download file to see previous pages Ivan was born to Vasili the Third but his father did not see him grow up to be the man he would become since Ivan was orphaned in 1533 just when he was three years old. Since he was the heir to the monarchy of Russia he took the throne in ceremonial terms but it was his regents who ruled in his place. Ivan’s mother was the first regent but she too died before he gained the age of maturity and caretakers from the boyars group governed his land before he assumed complete power in 1544 (Perrie & Pavlov, 2003).
A lot of the analysis done on Ivan’s life points towards his early life and the conditions he was placed in as a young king. He felt neglected and alone in the world without any real friends and thought that the regents were insulting and mean towards him (Troyat, 2001). The psychological effects of being a powerless king must have affected him deeply since he displayed his hatred towards the Boyars in later life while as a child he was known to throw out small animals from the windows of the palace. His childhood was over once he assumed the throne with full responsibility (Madariaga, 2005).

Strangely enough, given the early history of his reign, he does not seem to deserve the title of terrible since soon after his ascent, he started a series of reforms that were for the betterment of Russian society. Although Peter the Great is the one who is given credit for modernizing and industrializing Russia, it was Ivan who created the greater Russia with reforms as well as conquest. The first step taken by Ivan was to update and revise the code of law so that old rules could be replaced by more modern ones (Madariaga, 2005).
He also modified the despotic form of government with the Council of Nobles which had some function and authority to act and recommend reforms to the king. He also defined the relationship of the church in Russia and by combining various sects he created a unified doctrine for the Christians in Russia. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Ivan the Terrible Story Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2123 Words)
Ivan the Terrible Story Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2123 Words.
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