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The author of the essay "Thomas Telford" states that Thomas Telford, a son of a shepherd, is a Scottish stonemason. He was born on the 9th of August 1757 in Glendinning, Scotland, UK and died on the 2nd of September 1834. In his life, Thomas Telford was an architect, a civil engineer…
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Thomas Telford
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It is only there where he was committed to building additions to Somerset House. He was upholding many different skills and talents either in design or in the management of building projects. Thanks to William Putney, Thomas Telford turned out to be Surveyor of public works in Shropshire and with the aid of this wealthy patron, Thomas became an architect undertaking many successful projects such as the renovation of Shrewsbury Castle, the town’s prison, the church of St. Mary Magdalene, Bridgnorth and another church in Madeley. It is reported also that he designed many bridges.
Thomas Telford was famous for being a civil engineer and was all the time consulted for some very challenging and difficult projects. He contributed somehow to water supply works for Liverpool and made remarkable improvements to London’s dockland and the construction of London Bridge. What is more, is that Thomas Telford took himself the responsibility of devising a master plan to enhance communications in the highlands of Scotland. This serious and thorny project has lasted some twenty years and has included the building and the redesign of various canals like the Caledonian Canal and the Crinan Canal.
Obviously, the most striking incident in Thomas Telford’s life is when he was consulted by the king of Sweden himself in what concerns the building of a canal between Gothenburg and Stockholm. This occurred in 1806 and about four years later, his marvelous plans were carried out in the construction of the Göta Canal. Surprisingly, Telford was never married. The greatest works he did will, therefore, continue always to attest to his everlasting presence among us. Read More
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Thomas Telford Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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