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Henry Kissinger - Essay Example

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A gregarious but manipulative man, Henry Alfred Kissinger, seeking power and favourable publicity, cultivated prominent officials and influential reporters. For a while he achieved more popularity than any modern American diplomat." ("American")
Although Kissinger was not born an American, he made the most significant turns of the country's history…
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Henry Kissinger

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Kissinger's intensive embarkation on a "shuttle diplomacy" in the 1973 Yom Kippur War between Israel, Egypt, and Syria helped mediate the Arab-Israeli conflict that had been going on for a long time. ("Henry") Because of this, politicians from Egypt had called him as the 'magician' for being able to come up with disengagement agreements that separated the Israeli and the Arab armies. ("Henry The Nobel")
He had been successful in ending the war between these nations; however, there was an even greater and bigger hostility among these nations that was eventually lifted up. The peace process that he has negotiated among them was short-lived that his role was further criticized and questioned, specifically his intentions at bringing about the said 'liberation' between the Arabs and the Israelis.
Having fled from Nazi, Germany under Hitler's administration, Kissinger created his own name in the United States as a Harvard University professor of government and international affairs in the 50s and 60s. ("American") He also joined the US Army before that and became an interpreter and intelligence officer in Europe. It was after his service in the army that he was soon the most brilliant professor in Harvard University. ("Henry")
His unprecedented ability in interpreting foreign policies enabled him to foretell the necessary responses that Americans should perform in order to become at par with its international relations, as well as balance its power in the worldwide context. Kissinger lectured Americans about moralism that encourages them to a more realistic approach in dealing with all its foreign affairs and policies. Prominent personalities such as John F. Kennedy was as well impressed by his realistic views and policies, with whom he eventually served as a part-time policy adviser behind Kennedy's "flexible response" strategy that characterized the US strategy that promotes and maintains both the conventional and the nuclear forces against the attacks of the Communists instead of a nuclear retaliation that would affect nations and people held as victims. Kissinger also served the Johnson administration as a part-time foreign adviser ("Henry")
When Nixon was elected President of the United States in 1968, he appointed Kissinger as his full-time national security adviser. Their team-up has had many suspicions such that the joint of an unlikely two people in the government implied something not at all favourable. Time magazine even described their collaboration as an "improbable partnership" because of their two opposing personalities. Nixon's "old-fashioned, secretive, aloof and over-simplified rhetoric" character did not seem to fit with Kissinger's "urbane intelligence" ("Henry")
The Nixon-Kissinger team had worked together to re-shape the style and substance of the United States foreign affairs. Together, the two had work closely in addressing the different international issues that are tied to the US through Kissinger's realist strategies and policies. Together, they had both achieved their goals in the international affairs. ("Henry")
From then on, Kissinger was among the most popular and the most controversial personalities in the US government. Being the national security adviser to Nixon's administration, he had concentrated on gaining power for the United ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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