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Technology Case Study Report (Building mane: London Information Centre) - Essay Example

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The triangular plan has evolved from analysis of pedestrian flow across the area, while the orientation and profile is able to establish a dialogue with the St. Paul’s as the information center looks up to its prestigious neighbor and opens up to welcome its visitors. The…
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Technology Case Study Report (Building mane: London Information Centre)
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Extract of sample "Technology Case Study Report (Building mane: London Information Centre)"

Download file to see previous pages The building design was achieved with shallow foundations and just enough concrete to help gain the required strength from structural design. In terms of the environment this meant less carbon use than a concrete heavy structure and less disruption of the surrounding area during construction. Archeologically it meant underneath ground would be less disturbed or would go undisturbed.
Built keeping in mind the high environmental standard the glazing is done with double insulated glass that make it energy efficient while its orientation allows light to enter into the interior space and limits the use of building usage. The use of recycled timber in the trespa cladding not only makes it esuriently but also provides fire safety. The warm yellow color of the trespa almost camouflages with the environment while the 200m deep insulation and the triangular steel roof capture rainwater that is used to flush toilets and water nearby landscape. This preservation of rainwater limits the usage of water from the main London water supply. A ground source of heat pump was created deep beneath the structure. The constant temperature of the earth beneath is regulated to control the cooling and heating of the building in conjunction with the large roof span. The gap between the steel shell and the frame allows natural ventilation making it more energy efficient building.
Thus the building makes its mark in its context while creating least amount of disturbance and being true to being environmentally friendly and using its resources more efficiently. It is environmentally responsive in terms of both nature and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Technology Case Study Report (Building Mane: London Information Essay.
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