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Contextual studies - Essay Example

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In the modern world, architecture continues to be an embodiment of humanity’s cultures and traditions displaying both aesthetic and ethical positions. Both these positions and concepts are fundamentally related to the conceptualization and production of prevailing housing…
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Contextual studies
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Download file to see previous pages Human skill, mindset and imagination, are critical variables in the defining works of human creation, inclusive of the aspect of ornamentation.
Trilling (1991), provides an impressive variety of ornament (artwork), defining human history; from the Paleolithic era, to the present; thus enabling human appreciation. The reader or audience is thus appreciative of both the historical importance, and the inherent aesthetic value of human architecture and ornament (85). Although the prevailing modernist emphasis, on the unadorned art form, pushed art ornamentation to the very margins of the West’s taste and preference during the 20th Century, a revival of the same is underway.
This may be informed by the essence of human appreciation for art in terms of aesthetic beauty, ornament, heritage and functionality (Trilling, 1991:88). The selected authors are critical to the evaluation and understanding of ornament utility (ornamentation), concerning architecture and design. Their relevance is derived from accomplished work, data collection and research carried out. These select authors include James Trilling, Pevsner, Read and Worringer, amongst others.
There will be a development of the thesis, formulated around the argument that ornament use is a right, and not a crime. This will entail a discussion of the pros and cons of the argument, through the thesis statement, which will be criticized in the form of an antithesis. Following will be a synthesis of findings, to be conclusively ended in a reflective way. A bibliography, will round up the work, basing it on the right of ornament use in architecture, and human design.
A debate exists, as to whether ornament is a right, or a crime. It is the intention of this paper, to further provide proof, of ornament as a right; concerning architecture and design. This is from the past eras to the present, displaying various examples ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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