The socio-cultural context of two works of architecture from different periods - Essay Example

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Though the words palace and castle are used interchangeably, there are differences between the two building structures.
Castles appeared in between the ninth and 10th…
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The socio-cultural context of two works of architecture from different periods
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al Affiliation: Castles and Palaces: Across the world, palaces and castles represent one of the most beautiful historic architectural masterpieces. Though the words palace and castle are used interchangeably, there are differences between the two building structures.
Castles appeared in between the ninth and 10th century in Europe and the Middle East. They were a symbol of power in the surrounding land. Castles were places where the noble would be protected from threats of attacks. Palaces are more present across the globe and are dated back than castles to ancient times of the Greeks and Romans. Castles were primarily created to accommodate royalty and dignitaries. Palaces symbolized elaborate and extravagant living, excluding any form of warfare. 1
In the structure, castles have features common to most other castles. Keeps, moats, arrow slits and gatehouses are all common in castle architecture. The features were designed to aid fighters in case of enemy troops surround the castle. A palace incorporates architectural specifications that add to the beauty of the home. Palaces are made to the taste of the owner who lives within it. There are no structural commonalities between palaces. What exists in palaces are design techniques incorporated to make the home more appealing and beautiful to the owner and the community.2
Castles are built out of various materials. All castles have thick walls made of bricks or stones. In the early times, castles were built of timber logs. Castles were constructed in areas where the chief or king could have the influence over people. This was done to enable them have control over resources.3 Palaces had more elaborate materials than castles. Palaces comprised of marbles for the floor and walls, gold as trimming and tiles for decoration. Palaces since the early years represent expressions of financial wealth. This is further characterized by building them in areas of natural beauty or in city centers where people can see them.
To date, some palaces and castles are resided by their original owners, members of their family, king, queen, or a government leader. Castles and palaces that are not in use are used for social activities like museums and hotels. Palaces and museums are historical points of interest.
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