The History of the Stained Glass Windows in Early Churches - Essay Example

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The paper "The History of the Stained Glass Windows in Early Churches" states that gothic construction style was used in building many great churches in Europe, of which one of the main features that were highly appreciated was the use of stained glass assembling the windows…
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The History of the Stained Glass Windows in Early Churches
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Gothic architecture is full of images and elements that add to its grandeur. I would like to regard the aspects of the stained glass windows and how they were added to the buildings especially churches during the early times. This gothic style of construction is an art that grew during the early and the very late medieval times, it gradually developed from the Romanesque construction technique which descended from the Roman society and the style was used widely in the middle medieval time that had characteristics of semi-circular arches (Jean, 48). The architectural technology was a unique combination of the existing technologies that led to the establishment of a new building method. The style mainly emphasizes on the aspects of verticality and light and this it achieves through the development of a number of construction features
The Stained glass windows which are a major feature distinguishing gothic art had been used to refer to colored glasses as materials. This term has to this date widely relates to windows of churches and other olden structures of significance. These windows are part of the gothic architectural products from which they developed throughout the centuries
The gothic style from the Romanesque style was later overtaken by the renaissance methodology of construction that mainly features pointed arch, the ribbed vault and the flying buttress. Read More
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