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Meghalaya's Living Bridges - Essay Example

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This paper 'Meghalaya's Living Bridges" focuses on the fact that all over the world there have been several bridges built to help people move from one place to another. These bridges are usually built on top of a flowing river and valleys. However, some bridges are not manmade but naturally exist. …
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Meghalayas Living Bridges
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Extract of sample "Meghalaya's Living Bridges"

The Cherrapunji region receives above normal rain. Normal bridges are not viable in this region, as they would be damaged easily by rain of such magnitude. The living bridge gain strength with time and survive for a number of years. These bridges are strong and sturdy and can support even more than 50 people at once (BBC Series Web). Living bridges are only found in Meghalaya region and can hardly been seen in any other part of the world. This is considered unique and attracts a many people from various parts of the world. Actually, the Meghalaya community has been advised to continue nurturing the living bridges since they are a strong tourist attraction.
The purpose of the living bridge is for people to go across rivers and streams during the rainy season that is estimated to be 25 meters. In addition, this region has many rivers that are fast flowing. Small rivers and streams rise above their normal height and become impassable on rainy season. These living bridges act as a solution to crossing such streams and bridges (BBC Series Web). These living bridges are complex in nature but managed and maintained by skilful biological engineering of roots of rubber trees.
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Meghalaya'S Living Bridges Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 313 Words.
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