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Speaking before students of the Southern California Institute of Architecture, Wolf Prix proffered pertinent issues that touch on…
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A Responed to Wolf Prix Lecture
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A Response to Wolf Prix Lecture The speaker, Wolf Prix, talked of diverse and crucial concerns that aim to provide lessons to architecture students on the future of architecture. Speaking before students of the Southern California Institute of Architecture, Wolf Prix proffered pertinent issues that touch on developing strategies to overcome the vague and pessimistic future of architecture. He emphasized the need for educators not to give architecture students the tools but to ignite the desire for this field of endeavor. Other areas that were discussed were the difference between public space versus private space; enumeration of seven lines applicable to architecture; operating in an open society as contrasted to a closed society; and generally on thinking outside the box; of breaking conventional rules to create architectural structures that are innovative and remarkable.
One is therefore inspired with the speaker’s words and the lessons that were emphasized in the lecture. Apart from signifying that architectural students should not simply have theoretical knowledge, skills and abilities to design and build; contemporary students of architecture should manifest the desire to be innovative, creative and to think outside the box and soar to great heights. The presentation shown was appropriate for the lecture and enhanced the emotional appeal and interest of the audience. By showing magnificent and unconventional architectural structures, the audience was made to realize that it takes more than just the ability to absorb the minimal framework to be an effective and successful architect – it takes the burning desire to be radical: in thinking, in designing and in building.
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A Responed to Wolf Prix Lecture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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