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Themes of tradition - Essay Example

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NAME INSTRUCTOR COURSE DATE MODERN AND TRADITIONAL THEMES IN ARCHITECTURE Introduction Architecture refers to the designing of buildings; either for office work, business premises or residential home. Architecture has been in existence for so many years and the designs thereon have always depended on the time the construction was taking place…
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Themes of tradition
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Download file to see previous pages As a result of these factors, there has been significant changes in the size, height, shape and design; both internal and external, of buildings. These changes have led to many architectural debates. Some architects argue that modern architectural designs are inspired by the traditional themes while others argue that today’s designs are original and are a result of improved technology and skills and knowledge taught in the schools today. Others argue that modern architecture is a combination of both traditional architectural and modern architectural themes. The progress of today’s architectural industry has become a debate to many and there is therefore the need to analyze how both the traditional and modern themes influence the buildings we see today. Traditional themes as depicted in architectural projects Traditional themes in architecture are based on three design values; traditional based design value, design value of restoration and preservation and the vernacular design value. Under the design value of restoration and preservation, architects believe that there is need to preserve the best of their structures and products for upcoming generations. They therefore work towards ensuring that even when a building is being redesigned; it is restored to its original design. Such architects hold on to three perspectives. The first one is the archeological perspective which holds that it is important to preserve buildings and products as part of our history. The artistic perspective holds on to the need to reserve something that is reckoned as beautiful and a masterpiece. The social perspective on the other hand is built on the need to hold on to familiarity and reassurance. The traditional based design value is based on the belief that traditional designs depict something good and functional. This value is based on three strategies; the first one is the revivalist strategy where an architect sticks to traditional forms of design. The contextualist strategy is where historical forms of design are used when the surroundings demand for such. The critical traditional strategy is based on the interpretation of traditional designs and applying them in modern architecture. Lastly, the vernacular design value is based on the belief that a simple and traditional design is more superior to the modern designs. This operates under four key concepts. The reinvigorating concept is calls for the use of traditional designs and themes in modern times whereas the reinventing concept is where architects go out in search of new archetypes. The extending concept implies the use of traditional designs in a more modern manner while the reinterpreting concept involves the use of modern and recent expressions of architecture. With these design aspects in mind, let us take a look at some of architectural projects that have traditional insights in them. Our study case shall be in Japan since it is one of the countries with a rich, traditional out view of architecture and it still builds on these views up to date. The first project is the Gender Equality Center (GEC). Fumihiko Maki, the architect behind this project, believes that an architect has to rely on his innate aesthetic preferences, ethical and traditional principles as he designs his buildings. In the designing of the center, Maki observed his traditional design values since the building reflects Japanese concepts of architecture. He ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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