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Computers in architecture- Mercedes-Benz Museum in Germany - Assignment Example

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There is no doubt that the impact of architectural software on the field of architecture has been great. Prior to the use of these software architects used to have to carry out complex calculations and design structures on paper that would take days to complete…
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Computers in architecture- Mercedes-Benz Museum in Germany
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Download file to see previous pages It is based on the geometrical shape of a clover in which spaces are connected through two ascending ramps. The exterior design of Mercedes Benz Museum sets up a completely novel and astonishing typology by the acquisition of spatial principles. This novelty is solely attributed to the digital design of this building in which the perfect infusion of ratios between space and design has been considered (Szalapaj). This building was designed in a three dimensional data which was revised numerous times during its realization in Stuttgart. The utilization of three dimensional digital designs and its effectiveness is also represented in the use of glass in the exterior design of this building. A special kind of glass has been utilized in this building which is clear, transparent and does not gets affected by the sunlight regarding heat (Noden). These glasses are divided and placed in several panels which, in combination, present the impression of the building as a double dimensional facade. This feature is also based on the scientific principles of light and geometry which is sufficiently presented in the design of this building, increasing its creativity and aesthetics (Glasner and Schmidt). The whole exterior design of Mercedes Benz Museum is a correspondence to the modern technology in which digital art, especially of three dimensions, in a remarkable manner. From the color of the building to the shape and from the utility of glass to the connections of spaces, this building is a complete representation of digital design into practical form (Turnbull). Interior: As far as the interior design of Mercedes Benz Museum is concerned, the ramps bridging spaces from...
Over the past few years computers have become a necessary tool in the field of architecture. Architects all around the globe are using digital tools to make their creative thoughts into a reality (Bermudez). Digital technology allows architects to form models and create prototypes without having to use or waste any physical material. Moreover, latest architectural digital tools allow architects to view these models in three dimensions and from all sides. With the help of these tools architects have been able to create buildings that comprise of a complex structure (Bermudez).
One such building is the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. The building was designed by a number of architects from UNStudio. In their book Ben Van Berkel and Caroline Bos, founders of UNStudio, stated that the creation of the building made use of a number of expertise and that it was a joint effort by architects of the entire studio (Berkel and Bos). UNStudio was founded in 1988 in Amsterdam and specializes in the fields of architecture infrastructural programs and urban development. UNStudio stands for United Network Studio (UNStudio).
UNStudio is one of the most popular architectural firms in Europe and Asia. The company has been accredited with designing innovative structures such as the Star Place Luxury Shopping Plaza, Erasmus Bridge and The Burnham Pavillions. In the completion of these structures computers and digital tools have played a major role. The same can be said about Mercedes Benz Museum. Every aspect of the building’s structure sheds light on how digital tools were used to design the building as a whole. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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