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Name Institution Course Instructor Date The Use and Abuse of Historic Precedent Introduction In the past days, people who built houses adhered to certain stipulations in order to attain a specific appearance, length, and/or size of those buildings that they sought to construct…
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Download file to see previous pages Some of the stylistic architectural designs applied mostly in Los Angeles include but not limited to the Ancient Egypt and Japanese architecture. These styles were rampant in the olden days but as time went by, different architectures resolved into reinterpreting them into the modern ways of constructing buildings. This paper will seek to explore how stylistic period in architectural history namely Ancient Egypt and Japanese architecture has been reinterpreted in the buildings found in contemporary Los Angeles. In presenting the reinterpretation, MarYella Hotel, Roman Gardens, Church of Christ Scientist and The Getty Center buildings will be used as as a clear illustration of transformation to modern buildings in Los Angeles. The history of the period and structure of Ancient Egypt The Ancient Egypt was an architectural style used by architects to design buildings, which came to be very influential sites during and after civilization. Studies show that the Ancient Egypt style of construction started and ended in the years between 3050 BC and 900 BC (Nicholson and Ian 45). During this time, architects managed to develop a large and vast array of monuments that ended up being very great, famous, and influential to an extent that the following generations carried the knowledge with them. This style of architecture had a number of characteristics among those who involved themselves with it. First, the architects used two predominant materials during the construction of almost every building, which were stone and sun-baked mud bricks respectively (Roseman 51). Prospects have come to put across that, architects applied the Ancient Egypt construction style mainly because there was advent scarcity of wood. During and after the so-called Old Kingdom, architects had an obligation to reserve stone for building temples and tombs whereas use bricks in building fortresses, royal palaces, and walls of towns as well as temple precincts. In some instances, ancient Egyptians preferred using the Ancient Egypt style of constructions in erecting buildings due to the presence of hot and dry climate that preserved brick structures for a long time. Thus, one could point out that some of the reasons why the Egyptians resolved to build buildings using bricks, which was a major component of construction materials during the Ancient Egypt, include the prevailing climatic conditions. This is clearly illustrated in MarYella Hotel Architecture. Additionally, Roseman argues that the Ancient Egypt stylistic method of construction served as a way of aligning events astronomically (58). For example, the ancient architects who applied this style in building temples ended up recording certain events such as the equinoxes and solstices, which later provided people with the measurement and time when such an event took place. To some extent, this style had some religious significance, which appears to have been presided over by the Pharaoh himself with reference to ceremonials that signified their opening. The Japanese architecture The Japanese architecture is indeed very complex and according to architectural analysts, it had many characteristics. Traditionally, the Japanese architectural style of construction was typified by structures made of wood, slightly elevated off the ground, and thatched with roofs or tiles. Further, Roseman evidences that structures made using the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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