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Deception of Evil - Term Paper Example

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Mau Mau Insurgence and British Standpoint Great Britain has a long history of colonial Empire in some significant countries of North America, Africa and Subcontinent. The colonial rule of British Empire starts witnessing a downfall in the eighteenth century when some major North American colonies launched successful insurgencies…
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Deception of Evil
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Download file to see previous pages This historical backdrop provides an important insight into the official standpoint and interpretation of contemporary scenarios by the Britain, “By the early 1950s, Britain had lost India, Palestine and, to a large extent, Malaya. It's now regarded Kenya as its most important colony.” (The Economist) Although, the popular Mau Mau Insurgence was launched formally in 1952 but historically it had started back in 1920 when Kikuyu Tribes and Kikuyu Central Association (KCA) had begun to pose some political strength in the region. KCA later on turned more organized and was named Kenya Land Freedom Army (KLFA). Boulanger (2008) states, “The 1920s were years of growing resistance to colonial rule in Kenya. Kenyans were reacting to the oppressive nature of British rule, and especially to the confining boundaries that British officials had drawn to them in the political, economic, and social spheres.” This paper will initially throw some light on what actually happened in colonial Kenya and how the insurgence movement has built up by the tribesmen. The later part of this research paper will examine the excuses, justifications, descriptions, interpretations, by the Britain about the colonial abuse and the final result that the world has witnessed in Kenya. The British colonial rule in Africa is charged for atrocities that range from mistreatment, unlawful apprehensions, deprivation of local residents from legitimate land ownership, acute violation of the right to live and express with freedom to even severe crimes that includes ruthless killing, burning alive and sexual harassment. Finding a justification for those inhuman barbarities against those who fought for the British Empire in World War I and II is quite difficult. John Maina Kahihu, a representative of the Mau Mau's political wing, states, "In 1942 we had fought for the British. But when we came home from the war they gave us nothing." (Slaughter, 1999). The depravity, poverty and inequality added fuel to the insurgence movement. Kikuyu tribes Led by Dedan Kimathi decided to launch an offensive effort against Britain in the second half of the twentieth century. In order to support this armed resistance, the tribesmen started to gather in Nairobi forest. Law enforcement agencies were given special rights to settle the issue by force and an intense counter insurgence operation was launched by colonial authorities. The colonial majesty restrained British Governor to find a political solution of the problem. Instead, he introduced strict laws to curb the resistance of Kikuyu tribes. This has resulted in misinterpretation of the whole even and the negative effects of this colonial loftiness have impacts beyond the culture and traditions. Moreover, missed opportunities for political solution are not employed while weighing the British justifications and explanations. Alao & Christa (7) observes, “The British military operation has been depicted as triumphant expedition that intimated the rebel into submission. Often ignored had been the political philosophy and the military machines that were deeply rooted in indigenous principles and tradition.” Moreover, the reconciliation efforts by the president of the Kenya African Union, Jomo Kenyatta were not taken seriously by the colonial powers and local British settlers. These misinterpretations were heightened due to lack of Africans in the legislative assembly. All the legislation that was introduced at this stage of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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